Are pug puppies hyper? Best Tips to Manage Your Pug

If you have dog pets around your home then you’ll all agree that most of them have a hyperedge personality. So, this leads us to our question, ‘’Are pug puppies hyper?’’ Are pug puppies hyper?

Well, Pugs puppies will carry their active and curious character in most parts of the day. They can get super jumpy with intense moments of hyperactivity where they run in an 8-figure pattern, sprint in circles, or jump up at you.    

However, this is a common trait observed in most pooch breeds and is scientifically referred to as Frenetic Random Activity Periods (FRAP’s) or simply Zomies.

This trait is common in puppies than it is in adult pugs- a reason we’ll see why later in this article.

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Are Pug Puppies Hyper?

Zoomies is a typical trait in pug puppies and tend to be dominant as the pug transition from puppy to adult. These little furry friends will start to calm down once they crawl into adulthood and are about two years old.

Some adult Pugs are hyper but this character will drop eventually and she will cuddle next to you most of the time.

This hyperactivity trait is not a big concern sometimes Pugs go overboard and cause mayhem to most owners especially when not given enough attention.

Pug puppies are super energetic hence expect them to run around while seeking attention from you. The fact that Pugs energetic and attention seekers you should expect them running around and being an active member of your family.

Once you have your Pug puppy around your home expect him/her to be frisky, attention seeker, snoopy, and goofy.

What Causes Hyperactivity in Pugs?

  • Excited with some atmospheric noise– Pugs just like other dogs will get excited by some things such as phone ringtone or doorbell rings. Such things will trigger your pug and the next thing you’ll notice she starts jumping up and down, running towards the noise direction.
  • Pug’s companion traits– Normally, these little furry friends were bred for companion thus they are naturally cuddlers who enjoy being next to humans. For this reason, they’ll get super excited once you come home from school or work.
  • Being around playful people– The Zoomies trait can be catalyzed when there are people playing around or other pets. When pugs are surrounded by a playful environment, they get excited and they will want to join the fun. The trait just explodes naturally and it’s in their DNA.
  • After Bath– A common observation with most pug owners is that the zoomies get triggered once you are done bathing your pug. They get super excited to signify happiness after a stressful moment during a bath. Normally, during a bath, pug owners have to retrain the pooch while using water which tends to make them uneasy. So when the bathing process is over it’s a relief to them.

Tips to Detect Zoomies in your Pug

Well, if you have never experienced zoomies you might be wondering how do you know if your Pug has them.

Zoomies are simple to detect and you’ll directly know once you notice it on your Pug. Below are some signs to watch for.

  • Your pug will have excited eyes
  • Your Pug will abruptly start to gallop after standing still.
  • She/he will sprint in tight turns and swirl to change direction instantly.
  • Sudden sprint as if they are headed to attack something.

Is Hyper Trait Dangerous For your Pug Puppy?

A quick answer is No. It’s quite normal for all pooch to undergo zoomies once in a while in their lifetime. This random series will only go for a short time and automatically vanish hence shouldn’t be a major concern to Pug owners.

However, for those living in small apartments, your Pug can mess up the place by knocking over stuff when the zoomies kick in.

Read along to see ways to learn effective ways to help control your Pug from the zoomie behavior and ways to keep him/her safe.

Ways to Prevents the Hyper Trait

The Frenetic Random Activity Periods can be hard to deal with but it’s possible to calm down your Pug. Below are ways to do so:

Regular Exercise

Regular exercise is one of the surest ways to ensure you drain most of the extra energy from your Pug puppy lest it becomes stifled. You can do this by walking the pug or play fetch and other games that involve running and jumping.

I always recommend you to create a routine and identify a playtime spot in which you’ll use for at least 30 minutes of intense exercise in a day.

Moreover, the regular exercise will not only get rid of the extra energy but provide stimulation to your Pug to allow him/her to sniff around which immensely help your Pug mentally.

However, regular exercise might be a problem during the winter season since it’s difficult to fully play with your pug in extremely cold conditions or when it’s raining.

Alternatively, you can come up with some “safe” indoors activity to help you exercise your Pug both mentally and physically with the aim of draining the excess energy.

Socializing with other pets

Ensure to take your Pug to pets parks or spots where he/she can play with other dogs. This will play a key role in providing both mental and physical stimulation.

Are pug puppies hyper?

You can plan for play activities with other pets but ensure the whole sessions are well supervised.

Separation Anxiety

Since I got Buddha as a puppy who was my first Pug, I used the “separation anxiety” technique and it came in handy since she was such dear to me. I bought smart toys to steal her attention and distract her from realizing she’s all alone.

Normally, with smart toys, Pugs are kept on toes where they have to play puzzle and get rewarded with treats.


Well, a good number of Pug owners have used the scent technique to calm down their dogs. Scents such as lavender and vanilla are believed to work “magic” in calming down your Pug.

However, I will always recommend closely monitor your pug when using this technique and keep off from essential oils which are known to cause allergies.

Come up with a Daily Routine

When there is a daily routine where you work with your pug then it will reduce her stress and anxiety vastly. Create a simple routine that will run for the entire day and will incorporate every activity from walking, eating, playing, and so on.

This is aimed to get your Pug acclimated to the daily activities, feel a sense of belonging, and make your dog know what to expect in the day.

Moreover, this will help you know what time of the day you expect the hyperactivity in your pug to happen. Depending on your Pug, the zoomies might happen in the morning, during the day, or at night.

Once you’ve identified the exact time then that’s the time to distract him/her until all you drain all the energy.

Create a Safe Environment

A safe environment is important to completely prevent your Pug Hyper trait from causing any injuries. Once you’ve come up with a daily routine then you’ll learn your Pugs’ behavior patterns and know when the zoomies kick in.

This will help you create a safe environment where your pug will jump, run, or play without getting injuries. The goal is to totally eliminate any accident.

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Pug puppies just like other dogs are super hyper. They are energetic and will get excited by the environment, people, or moments such as after a bath.

However, this won’t last forever for most of these squishy faced breeds as they tend to calm down as they crawl into their senior years.

This article gives you tips on handling the hyperactivity until they get into their senior age where they’ll be less active and just lie down next to you most of the time.

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