Are pugs good apartment dogs? Best Tips To pick an Apartment

Are pugs good apartment dogs? Well, if you are planning on owning one but not sure if they are great for an apartment then hang around, this article is solely crafted for you.Are pugs good apartment dogs

Pugs are small in size, calm, adapt easily, and make a great companion dog. They are a toy breed which means they tend to fit very well in smaller spaces and need less maintenance and this makes them great dogs for apartments.

Also, they are social, friendly, and relatively quiet dogs which is a plus requirement for them to easily live in an apartment.

But before you rush into getting one already, below are some tips I gathered for you guys while living with my pug “Buddha” in an apartment.

while living with my pug “Buddha” in an apartment.

Are pugs good apartment dogs?

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Are pugs good apartment dogs?

Buddha our pug joined my family while we were still living in an apartment before moving to a condo. In both houses, the reception was great and she didn’t have any problem adapting to the spaces.

Pug’s small sizes favor them big time into fitting small spaces like apartments. They are calm and kind of lazy breeds who opt to spend most of their time sleeping rather than jump all over.

But before you get a pug to your apartment or condo, you’ll want to check with the house management and ensure pets are allowed and also get into terms with whatever pet restriction(s) are placed.

Why are Pugs Great Apartment Dogs?

Here are some reasons that make pugs great apartment dogs:

Pugs are super Quiet- Pugs are known to be calm and less yappy dogs. Unlike other vicious barking dogs, pugs will remain calm and will mostly bark when playing though not very loud that it disturbs your neighbors.

Pugs puppies can be Trained- If you are getting a pug puppy for the first time, the good news is you can train them while still young. This way you can teach the dog to behave the way you want in your apartment.

Pugs Sleep a Lot- Pugs love their sleep. They can sleep up to 14 hours a day and for this reason, they are less likely to mess up your apartment when left alone. So you won’t get complaints from the neighbor about your pug barking all day or walking home to a wrecked home.

Pugs get along with other dogs- Some dogs may not get along with other dogs, but pugs are very friendly to most dogs. So, whenever your pug meets other dogs on elevators or along the apartment’s pavements you won’t have to break them from fights.

This is where training the dog comes in handy. You train them right from puppy level to get comfortable with other dogs.

Pugs are Extremely Social- Pugs are super friendly dogs and will get along well with strangers. Well, this is a great thing but can have its downside as well. Being social will allow the pug to get along well with neighbors, children, and other pets.

But they might fail to raise alarm when a stranger is around.

How to pick the right Apartment for your Pug

Pugs at times can be playful and get sneaky especially when left alone. Their curious trait will trigger them to naturally explore and for these reasons you need a pet-friendly apartment.

Location: Always pick apartments close to a dog-friendly park or walking spots. This will come in handy when you want to have an outdoor interaction with your pug as compared to living in congested places.

Floors: The apartments should have floorboards and coverings suitable for the dog standards. All this is for the dog’s safety.

Balconies: Pick balconies that are big enough for the dog to walk but must be safe. Although pugs won’t need large balconies to enjoy, the balconies need to be well barricaded and just enough for him to walk in and enjoy a different feeling from that of inside the house.

Window access: Apartments fitted with large enough windows allow your pug to sunbathe especially in cold seasons.

Also, they let the dog look outside and enjoy the outside environment which keeps them occupied when left alone.

Soundproofing: Although pugs don’t bark much, it’s important to pick an apartment with good soundproofing with strategically located doors that aren’t too close to the neighbors.

Regulations: Check with the apartment management to know the rules and regulations concerning pets. Not all apartments are pet friendly while some you’d be required to pay a non-refundable pet deposit which can be very expensive.

Apartment Level: Always consider getting apartments on the lower floor to allow the pug to easily run outside for bathroom getaways.

Safety Tips to Apartment Train you Pug

Get your dog lots of toys: One of the best ways to engage your pug especially when you are away is to keep them entertained with lots of toys. Best toys will stop them from chewing or destroying your furniture. Check out such toys here

Remove unnecessary cables and other stuff out of reach: Keep all the cable (laptop, phone chargers, electronics cables) out of reach. This will prevent your pug from getting electrocuted or messing up your cables.

Hide All Food: Well, pugs can eat all the way to obese if left to, so to stop this from happening just ensure all food is out of reach. Especially nuts, chocolate, and other sweet food should be hidden.

Leave your Pug in placed in one spot: As a rule of thumb, leave your pug inside a room that’s easy to clean should he mess up.

Cons of living in an Apartment with a Pug

Pugs shed heavily and the shedding runs throughout the year, unlike other dogs whose shedding is seasonal. Their short but dense fur requires you to regularly groom it.

If you are the kind of person who needs his/her apartment always clean, then you’ll have to put up with the shedding rate.

The best remedy is getting an apartment with tiles or hardwood floors as they are easier to clean compared to mats or carpets.

But if you must have them then you need one of these best pet vacuums cleaner for pet fur and also a robot vacuum cleaner.

Check out this article and learn the type of pugs and which shed the most.

Apartments are built in densely populated cities and that means your pug needs to be on a leash most of the time.

Also, the streets are congested and roads have busy traffic which is not very ideal for walking your pug.


Pugs are lovely pets to have to hang around with. They have big personalities, are playful, lively, and love to sleep which makes them ideal companion dogs.

If you are planning to adopt or buy a pug to live with you in an apartment, then this article has shared all the necessary head start tips. I hope you enjoyed the information.

I wish you a happy stay with your pug.

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