Are Pugs Good with Kids? Best Parental Tips for Pug

Are Pugs good with kids? Well, it’s evident adding a dog to your family is a serious matter that most dog owners are facing.

Whether you are a new parent planning to add a dog in your family or a pet owner expecting a new baby, you must be puzzled whether a Pug is a good option with your new baby? Are Pugs Good with Kids?


Pugs like to play which is the most important thing that your kids and dogs love. A little training and socializing of your pug will help you while introducing your new baby to your pug. I still recommend your supervision because sometimes pugs react so you need a lot of things under consideration.

Let discuss some Pros and Cons of having a pug with your kids.

Are Pugs Good with Kids?

How A Pug Is Good For Your Kids?

  • A pug that is trained and socialized generally loves to play with kids and they are super friendly. Generally, Pugs are smart, observant, most important they learn quickly.
  • Due to the flat face of pugs its make biting a bit hard. Pugs are not known for their biting nature but if still, they get a bite it will not harmful and relatively soft. This makes Pugs the safest breed for kids.
  • Pugs are a passive breed of dogs and they have several zoomies activities that make them a source of attraction for kids.
  • Pugs loves to cuddle naturally. They will affectionately bond with your toddler easily since they are super expressive and will charm your kid with their comical squashy look.
  • A Pug will get along with other pets your kids already have. Their affectionate personality helps them accommodate other animals easily.
  • They are quiet dog which is a plus character why this dog is good for your kid. Pugs are among the few dogs that barely quirks, that’s according to most owners.
  • Due to their small yet sturdy size, Pugs pose very little danger to your kid. Their sizes can accommodate those kids who like to play rough.( Though kids should learn limits on this one)

How A Pug Is Bad For Your Kids?

  • Pugs have some behavioral issues especially when the pugs passed the adolescent years. They are hard to train and socialize them with your kids.
  • Pugs like to jump. They feel excited when they see people around him. Make sure they don’t try to jump on your newborn baby. But you can train them not to jump on the baby.
  • Pugs are also known as a heavy snorer. If you or your baby is a light sleeper it creates a disturbance for you.

4 Reasons a Pug Is Right Choice for Your Kids

1. Excellent Watch Dogs

Pugs are considered as best watchdogs especially when you have kids. They are devoted and loyal to family. This loyalty of Pugs makes them the best breed for your new babies. It’s also among the top reasons why this pooch was bred for the wealthy in ancient China.

2. Tolerance for Strangers

Pugs have tolerance for strangers in the house that make them kid-friendly dog breeds. You can easily introduce them to newborn babies and make them good friends.

3. Playful Temperament & Attention Seekers

Pugs are known for their craving nature. They like to show off their moves and strut around your children which grab the attention of your kids and make the best companion for each other.

4. Easy To Train

Pugs are easy to train due to their playful temperament & socialize nature especially before they passed the adolescent years. It is easy to train the pugs even at an early age.

How You Can Make Pug a Kid-Friendly Dog?

After doing a lot of research on the internet and communicating with dog trainers, I have found some tips that might help you with introducing your pug to your upcoming baby and making them a kid-friendly breed.

1. Train Them Slowly

It’s better to do it slowly because you don’t know how they react to your newborn baby. You must train and socialize them well before having their interaction with your baby. Generally, in this way you can avoid any harmful activity, even you have other dog breeds too.

2. Teach Them Commands

You must teach your pugs’ commands like “Not Now” or “Go away” and make sure they are following them every single time. This might help you to stay pugs away from your baby without yelling at them.

3. Introduce Pugs with Baby Items

Baby items are a new thing for your pugs. You must introduce them to new baby items in the house because sometimes they sniff or don’t like the new items in the house. Before your baby arrives you must teach them how to react with baby items like Baby Walkers & Strollers, Baby Car Seats, and other baby items.

4. Set the Boundaries

If your pug is free to move in any room in your house, then it’s time to limit their boundaries. Set specific points outside the room that they are not allowed to cross and entering the room without permission. Teach them about boundaries before the baby arrives so they know all rather than to create a negative feeling for your new baby.

5. Pug’s Neglection

You must pay the same attention and care to your pugs as you are doing before the childbirth because neglecting them might create negative thoughts with the baby.

Give them attention while your baby is awake and want to play otherwise the set might that they only receive attention while the baby is sleeping. This might create a negative association with your newborn baby.

7. Pug’s Body Language

You must be aware of your pug’s body language before the introduction so you can escalate anything before it happens. Most of the dog owner recommends this because their expressions tell you what they are going to do.

8. Backup Safety Plan

The safety of your baby will be your priority. You must have a backup plan to avoid any worse situation. Try to relocate your Pugs to any other place of family member’s home until it fully trained.

Here is a detailed article I did on how to train your Pug.


A pug will be a better choice for you and your baby if you are looking for a kid-friendly dog. Kids love the companionship and playing that are possible with the pugs because they love that too. But on the other hand, you must be trained and socialize them well before introducing them to new babies.

To avoid any bad circumstances keep monitoring your pug and babies. Train your kids well that how to play and react with the pugs.

Give both pugs and babies the same attention so your pugs are not being neglected and make any bad association with your kids. Let’s have fun!

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