The Best Bowls for Pugs 2021: Crafted for Your Pug

After I got my pug Budhaa for the first time the next challenge after taking care of her health was getting a dog bowl that suits her feeding.Best Bowls for Pugs

Well, at first, I got several bowls which she totally strained feeding on before I landed on some of the best bowls for pugs which I have shared in this article.

Pugs are brachycephalic breeds, eating for them is kind of absurd. You can picture trying to feed your flat-faced furry friend with the best dog food on a deep bowl. You’ll simply starve the pug or end up cluttering the feeding spot with food.

To avoid all these, you need to get the best bowls for pugs.  But first, let’s see what features you should look for.

Types of Pug Bowls to Buy

  • Tilted Food Bowls- These bowls are the pugs’ favorite types of bowls. They have a tilted statue design, angled perfectly for your pug’s reach. Such bowls allow flat-faced pooches to access their meal with ease. Some of the tilted bowls are adjustable to what your little furry friend feels comfortable feeding on.
  • Shallow Bowls- It’s absurd feeding your flat-faced dog with a short neck on a deep dowl. The obvious is the food will be out of reach. I mean, there’s too much space between the bowl bottom and the pug’s mouth. So, always get a shallow bowl to ease the reach of food.
  • Slow-Feeding Food Bowls- Pugs naturally love to eat especially when given an opportunity. I mean the aggressive ones would snatch a treat out of your hand before you release it. Such pugs are prone to bloating, vomiting, or even regurgitation. To manage this, some bowls are designed to slow dog your pug eating rate.

Pug Bowls to Avoid

  • Too Large Bowls- Getting the properly sized bowl is important depending on your pug’s age. A too-large bowl will encourage your puppy to eat too fast which can result in choking. The right-sized puppy bowl will slow down their eating rate. The same concept applies to your adult pug. In fact, a too-large bowl will tempt you to give your dog more food and that can result in obesity.
  • Raised Dog Bowls- One misconception that most dog owners think is their pooches should feed on an elevated bowl. Well, that’s not right. In fact, elevated dog bowls tend to cause gas and add pressure on the diaphragm (bloat) hance breathing difficulties.
  • Some Plastic Food Bowls- Although plastic dog bowls are the cheapest and pugs can’t destroy them, they pose a big risk on your dog. Some plastics are made with a chemical called Bisphenol A (BPA). This chemical can cause sickness, especially to puppies.

Best Bowls for Pugs

Editor’s Pick

1. Tilt-A-Bowl Stainless Steel, Small

The Tilt-A-Bowl stainless steel has a slanted look which is perfect for smaller pooches like pugs. Pugs will access the bottom part hence a remedy for no-mess feeding.

Tilt-A-Bowl Stainless Steel, Small Current Price @Amazon

It features a rubber ring attached at the bottom to stop your pug from skidding the bowl around.

This is my all-time favorite dog bowl because it’s stainless steel which guarantees you durability and easy to clean as well.

My pug Budhaa really gets aggressive when I’m feeding her and I love how the rubber ring holds the bowl in place.  

Best Slow-Feeder Bowl

2. DuraPet Slow Feeder Bowl

The DuraPet Slow Feeder Bowl is designed for aggressive eater pugs. It will slow down your dog’s eating rate.

DuraPet Slow Feeder Bowl Current Price @Amazon

This dog bowl features a domed placed at the center so that your dog can’t pick large chunks of food, essentially a mouthful at each bite.

The fact that this bowl will help your pug eat and drink slowly really helps in digestion and nutrients absorption.

It’s super durable and easy to clean, ideal for the dog’s hygiene as opposed to the plastic bowls.


  • It’s durable and long-lasting
  • Features rubber ring at the bottom that holds the bowl in place
  • Available in various sizes that suit all dog breeds
  • Safe for the dishwasher
  • Domed center stops the pug from scooping large chunks of food.

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