What’s the Best Brush for a Pug in 2022?

The surest way to keep Pug’s shedding under control is to get the best brush for a pug and establish a grooming routine.Best Brush for a Pug

You might be deceived by Pug’s squishy faces, big eyes, stalwart small sizes, and short-glossy coats to think they don’t shed. Oh boy! they really shed up, especially in summer.

Moreover, the market is flooded with dozens types of groom brushes which makes it difficult for pug owners to pick from.

In this guide, I have compiled the best information to help you pick the best brush and tips on maintaining a healthy and shiny coat for your pug.

We’ll let’s jump right into it.

Types of Pug Coats

Before you get the best brush for your pug, first you must know which type of coat your pug has. There are two types of pugs coats- black and fawn. The main difference is, one is double-coated while the other is not.

  • Black- Pugs with black coat have a single layer coat. Although they shed less, they still shed enough to mess up your furniture hence prompting for regular grooming. However, the shedding cannot be manned by an undercoat rake.
  • Fawn- These pugs tend to have a double layer. The top coat is visibly flooded with straight hairs that grow up to 1-inch long. Underneath the first hair coat is a softer hair layer that falls regularly all through the year which means, fawn Pugs shed tend to shed more than the black Pugs thus an undercoat rake can come in handy grooming fawn pugs.

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Types of Pug Brushes

To bring you up to speed with Pug’s brushing concept, you must understand which type of brush will work for you especially if you are a newbie.

Bristle Brushes–  These brushes are designed similarly to the human’s bristle brushes. They work wonders on pugs especially as a finishing brush although not on all coatings. Getting the right length bristled brush will help you get rid of loose hair and keep your Pug’s coat neat and shiny.

Shedding brush- Shedding brushes are equipped with a single row of fine and shallow metal teeth. Most of the modern shedding brushes are rubber or plastic crafted with overcast, crux-like teeth. It removes loose hair on the pug before it’s shed off.

Slicker brush- The slicker brushes come with thin, wire bristles attached on a plane head. Essentially, you can select a stiff or flexible bristled slicker to tangle or loose hair from your pug’s coat.

Grooming gloves- If your Pug is sensitive and gets irritated by regular brushes then the grooming gloves will come in handy. Well, they are not suited for the double coated pugs but lest assured they do a great job on the outer coat. Just like a glove, put it on your hands and use the palm part which is fitted rubber teeth to trap hair.

Pin brush- The pin brushes works magic on pug’s hair just like it does on human hair. These brushes are designed to handle small tangles and make your pug’s coat uniform as well as help rouse oil production for that glossy look.

Undercoat rake-  These brushes assume rakes shape. They are equipped with a single row of wide-set teeth to help you access and remove loose hair from the inner coat of your pug. However, the undercoat rakes are not suitable for all pug coats.

Comb-  These brushes look similar to the traditional human hair and modern ones come with rubber teeth.

Best Brush for a Pug

1. Hertzko Self Cleaning Slicker Brush

Hertzko Self Cleaning is a professional brush equipped with soft bristles to access underneath your pug’s topcoat to loosen, de-shedding, and gently get rid of dead hair.

Hertzko Self Cleaning Slicker Brush Current Price @Amazon

This Self Cleaning Slicker Brush is durable and features an ergonomically handle designed for easy handling.

Slicker brushes can be challenging to clean but the Hertzko Self Cleaning comes with a button that when you click, it retracts the bristles to easily remove hair from the wires.

  • Features fine bristles to get rid of loose and entangled hair
  • Soft bristle tips for sensitive skins
  • Ergonomic design hence easy to use and handle
  • Different variates; flea comb, Fur-Fetcher, and detangling brush.
  • Keeps your Pug’s hair glossy and healthy.
  • Limited brush surface hence hair fall off.

2. Kong ZoomGroom

The Kong ZoomGroom hails from a reputable company known for producing quality products. The brush is crafted with the very same material that makes their eminent toys.

2. Kong ZoomGroom      Current Price @Amazon

It’s designed to loosen and trap hair without irritating the skin which makes it a great pick for the single-coated pugs.

This brush is super healthy for your pug. The scrubbing motion stimulates the skin to allow oxygen to access the surface and spread healthy oils all over the coat.

Moreover, the ZoomGroom has a nice grip that fits perfectly on your hand and it’s easy to use.

The Kong brushes are in small sizes that make it ideal for grooming pugs wet hair immediately after bathe.

The Bottom line, this brush is perfectly designed to get rid of loose hair and keep your pug hair healthy and shiny.

  • Get rid of loose hair and keeps it healthy and shiny
  • Help to reduce shedding
  • Made from natural rubber which is super durable
  • You can pick from the blue or pink color
  • Can be difficult to hold especially for the jumpy pugs

3. JW Pet Gripsoft Small Pin Brush

If you are looking for a medium to long-coated with sensitive skin brush for pugs, then look no further as the JW Pet Gripsoft is sorely crafted for that.

3. JW Pet Gripsoft Small Pin Brush      Current Price @Amazon

The JW pet brush features a rounded head with long tipped stainless steel bristles to protect your Pug’s skin and massage the skin while getting rid of loose and entangled hair.

The wires come in two different lengths to scrub both the top and access the undercoat.

Moreover, the bristles are not placed pointing direct but angled to the pug’s skin. This way, you are less likely to cause distresses or injuries on the skin.

It’s equipped with an ergonomic handle that offers a nice and firm grip to allow you to exert the right amount of pressure on the skin when scrubbing.

  • Get rid of dead and loose hair
  • Ergonomic design and nice nonslip rubber grip
  • Designed for all coats types
  • Can be used daily on long-coated Pugs
  • Comfortable and lightweight
  • Not suitable for smooth-coated pugs

4. Li’I Pals Bristle Brush

The Li’I Pals is a handy brush designed to get rid of dirt and debris on your Pug’s coat and small-sized dogs or puppies without causing any discomfort.

4. Li’I Pals Bristle Brush     Current Price @Amazon

It features flexible pins that have fine plastic tips to massage and stimulate the skin.

Also, the slightly curved handle and bristles are designed to access all the difficult spots such as around the legs and beneath the chin.

The small size is best suited for smaller breeds dogs hence ideal for stimulating and spreading precious oils all over the Pug’s coat.

The Li’l Pals Bristle helps to reduce over shedding in Pugs if used frequently. For better results, I recommend using this brush on your Pug’s hair starting from the roots going up to the tip. That way, the pug will enjoy the combing sensation.

  • Excellent performance on pugs and puppies
  • Cuts down shedding rate
  • Healthy to the hair
  • Get rid of tangles, debris, and dead hair
  • Easy and comfortable to use
  • Relatively small in size

5. K9KONNECTION Self Cleaning Brush

The K9KONNECTION is a self-cleaning brush that’s designed to remove tangles and debris on your Pug leaving clean shiny hair. It features a button that you click once to brush the hair and press again to get rid of loose hair and mats.

5. K9KONNECTION Self Cleaning Brush Current Price @Amazon

Once done scrubbing off hair, press the same button again and the bristles go inside to allow remove fur easily.

This Self Cleaning brush is designed for removing hair from your Pug effortlessly and helps you to enjoy a clean and neat house going forward.

It’s equipped with an ergonomic handle that is durable and offers you a firm grip while removing fur.

Don’t worry about the bristles irritating your pug as they are stainless and flexible and super safe on your dog. In fact, your pug will enjoy the tender scrub that you occasionally give them while scrubbing.

Moreover, the gentle strokes from the wire bristles stimulate blood circulation along the Pug’s skin.

  • Get rid of entangles, debris and mats
  • Stimulates blood circulation
  • Saves time
  • Ergonomic handle hence nonslip grip
  • Easy to use
  • Prevents shedding
  • Designed for shedding and non-shedding breeds
  • Not suitable for short hair

6. FURminator Deshedding Short Hair Dog Brush

The FURminator Deshedding is an excellent brush designed to get rid of loose hair. Although it’s quite pricey compared to most pug brushes, it’s performance is worth the buck.

6. FURminator Deshedding Short Hair Dog Brush    Current Price @Amazon

This Deshedding tool is crafted to remove loose fur from both the under and overcoat of your Pug even before they start falling.

It features an eject button that allows you to release all the collected hair on the bristles. This tool is super effective that you’ll have to be alert not to overdo it.

I highly recommend taking a few minutes each day grooming your Pug with the Furminator and your dog will enjoy a healthy and shiny fur.

Also, you might have to use it outside as you’ll mess up your house due to the amount of fur it removes.

  • Great performance at removing dead and loose hair
  • Features eject button to release collected fur
  • Reduce shedding
  • Easy to use
  • Excellent performance in removing loose hair
  • Quite pricey

7. Furbliss Multi-Use Deshedding and Massaging Short Dog Brush

Unlike the regular Pug brushes which are made from wire or steel, Furbliss is 100% made from medical grade silicone.

7. Furbliss Multi-Use Deshedding and Massaging Short Dog Brush    Current Price @Amazon

The patented Furbliss® Multi-use design offers an effective scrub, massaging, deshedding, and flaking without irritating your Pug.

It features soft teeth that give a gentle massage feeling to your Pug yet adds a glossy touch to the coat.

The silicon material is design to attract fur like a magnet and can be easily cleaned with running water. Moreover, this brush is super-efficient for both wet or dry scrubs.

  • Removes loose fur and reduce shedding
  • Stimulates blood circulation, joints, and muscles
  • Flakes and get rid of dander and crusts
  • Offer relaxing massage
  • An ideal pick for using with shampoos
  • Easy to clean the fabric
  • Designed without a handle hence difficult to hold on to

5 Tips for Brushing your Pug’s Coat

  1. Pugs are sensitive so make sure you don’t go overboard. Most of them have a single layer hence you might end up over-scrubbing your dog which will get irritated.
  2. Examine your Pug to determine if it has a single or double coating. This will help you come up with a brushing routine that will be suitable for your pug.
  3. Start brushing your Pug from the head going down towards their kinky tail. Ensure you go down deep into the hair without being aggressive and scrub the top, sides, and bottom parts of their body.
  4. Once you introduce a new brush to your Pug, allow him/her to smell and get acclimated to how it feels. At first, it may be stubborn but after a few days, it will get used to it.
  5. If your Pug is resistant to brushing, I recommend you offer small treats and run short scrubbing sessions until it gets used to it. Oh, yeah. You should reward your Pug after a successful scrubbing by offering special treats or have them enjoy their favorite activities.

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Pugs need nothing more than love and affection from people. Don’t underestimate the size of these buddies, they shade big time. Speaking of which, nearly impossible to stop your Pug from shedding.

So, the close remedy is equipping yourself with the best brush for a Pug and stick a scrubbing routine.

Brushing your Pug keeps the coat healthier and shiny

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