The 7 Best Chew Toys For Pugs 2022 Entice your Pug

The finest way to keep your furry friend busy, happy and healthy is to offer him/her the best chew toys for pugs. Essentially, toys play a key role in pugs’ wellbeing that’s why there are different types of toys designed for them and each offers a significant remedy to the dog.Best Chew Toys For Pugs

Pugs are brachycephalic (flat-faced) which means they got a shorter muzzle and smaller mouth hence need extra care when exercising. Nevertheless, a mental stimulation activity is essential.

That’s where the toys come in. In this article, I have listed the best toys designed to address all pugs’ activities and withstand the aggressiveness of some dogs.

Let’s check them out.

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The Best Chew Toys For Pugs

Best Toys for Pugs to Chew

1.KONG-Classic Dog Toy

What a better way to engage your pug than offer him the all-time classic  KONG Natural dog chew. It’s designed for small breeds hence you guaranteed the pug will easily handle.

KONG-Classic Dog Toy Current Price @Amazon

Crafted with an erratic bounce that will provide mental stimulation and keep the pug physically engaged with its unpredictable bouncing moves.

This classic all-natural red rubber toy is super durable and will withstand even the most aggressive pug bites.

If you love playing catch and other interactive games with your pug, well KONG Classic simply offers you exactly that.

The KONG-Classic is my favorite chew since I use it with my pug Buddha and I must say it always help relieve her anxiety and boredom especially when I’m not around the house.

Key Features

  • Certified by veterinaries and trainers for over 40 years now
  • Super durable
  • Has unpredictable bouncing moves that help stimulate the pug
  • Designed for small breeds like pugs
  • Made in the USA

2.Nylabone Durachew Double Bone

The Nylabone Durachew Double is a bacon-flavored bone crafted with various pieces and textured surface to support the pug’s dental health like cleaning the teeth.

Nylabone Durachew Double Bone Current Price @Amazon

This chew bone is made with nylon that is strong and durable enough even for the most aggressive pugs to tear up hence say goodbye to messing your floor and carpet.

It’s designed such that it can’t get accessed by the back teeth nor the front ones, instead offers a rubbing effect that helps soothe prickly gums with a sensational feeling.

Getting this chew simply guarantees your pugs fresh breath, keeps the dog occupied, and safety of your household items.

Key Features

  • Features nylon which guarantees its durability
  • It’s bacon-flavored which motivates the pug chewing habits
  • Designed to get rid of tartar and plaque from the dog’s teeth hence fresh breath
  • The design allows a pug to easily chew and grab from any side
  • This chew is vet-recommended

3. Benebone Real Flavor Wishbone Dog Chew

The Benebones Wishbone is a dog chew that’s tougher than real bones. It’s flavored with 100 % real bacon that your pug will immediately fall in love with. Well, you know dogs can tell taste differences.

Benebone Real Flavor Wishbone Dog Chew Current Price @Amazon

This chew bone is made with nylon that enhances it’s ergonomic and durability. Designed with a paw-shape that’s super friendly for small breeds like pugs and offers a nice grip.

If your pug is still teething then this Wishbone is a great pick for you. Pick the small-sized one.

As if that’s not enough, the Benebone offers you three flavors: chicken, butter, bacon, and peanut.

Key Features  

  • It’s made in the USA– that includes packing, materials, and all ingredients
  • Offers you a wide range of flavors to pick from (bacon, chicken, peanut, butter)
  • Made with 100% real bacon
  • Crafted for a paw-friendly grip which makes it easy to pick and chew
  • Great for teething pugs

Best Toys to Play with

4. Chuck It Ring Launcher

If you want to chuck your pug’s energy then make use of the Chuck It Ring Launcher fetch dog toy. It offers a nice grip and the numerous fun colors will attract your pug and make the chase and fetch game super interactive.

Chuck It Ring Launcher Current Price @Amazon

This chew toy has a very interesting topspin action that makes it bounce in unpredictable directions when thrown to engage your pug natural chase instincts.

Cleaning this toy is easy- just rinse it with water and you good to go.

In a nutshell, the Chuck It Ring launcher offers a different unique way to engage with your pug and helps you strengthen the love bond.

Key Features

  • Made with rubber thus safe for the pug to bite and chew
  • Has various fun colors that the dog will easily spot
  • Easy throwing motion
  • Has a unique topspin action that gives it erratically bounce, zigzag, and hop moves when thrown.
  • Has an ergonomic handle that has easy to pick head to prolong the play

5. Frisco Plus Rope Monkey

If you want a toy rope you can throw and the pooch will fetch and chew easily then get Frisco Plus Rope Monkey. It features a built-in squeaker and a rope attached to spice up the excitement.

5. Frisco Plus Rope Monkey Current Price @Amazon

The Frisco Rope Monkey is made with ultra-soft lush fabric to an ultra-cozy touch and softness.

Also, this feature enhances minimal stuffing so there won’t be a mess when the pug manages to tear it up.

This Monkey Rope comes in various colors: green, purple, red, and blue. Just pick what your pug loves.

Key Features

  • It features a built-in squeaker and rope attached inside to make the play fun
  • Less stuffing which guarantees you minimal messes
  • Comes in different colors that you can pick from
  • Designed with ultra-soft cozy fabric to make it cuddly and soft
  • Ideal toy to keep your pug engaged and healthy.

Best for Pugs Treats

6. KONG Wobbler

Another good product from the KONG line is the Wobbler™.  This toy is small- designed for small breeds and mentally stimulate your pug and make the process fun at the same time.

KONG Wobbler Current Price @Amazon

It has unpredictable movements when toggled which stimulate the dog’s natural instincts. Such movements will help the pug lose some of that unwanted weight.

This chew toy can also be used as a dog bowl but only now the pug’s eating time is extended when the wobbler dispenses treat each time the pug pushes or toggles.

Basically, the dog will work for his food.

It’s easy to unscrew and filling it with up to 1.5 cups of his favorite treat. Check out these pug’s best treats.

Key Features

  • The wobbling feature makes this chew toy fun
  • Crafted with FDA food-approved, strong plastic polymer
  • Easy to unscrew and fill with your pug favorite treat
  • Dispenses treats for a long time plus can be used as an alternative dog bowl

7. Pet IQ Treat Ball

The best way to beat your pug’s boredom, reduce anxiety and keep him engaged is by using the Pet IQ Treat ball toy.

Pet IQ Treat Ball Current Price @Amazon

This toy is designed to allow you to fill it with your little furry friend’s favorite treat, pick a difficulty level and let the dog “work for his food”. Once the dog figures it out to get the treats easily you then can adjust the level.

It’s designed to encourage slower active eating. The dispensing action will help reduce bloating and enhances digestion.

The Pet IQ Treat Ball guarantees happiness for your pug and keeping him healthy.

Key Features

  • Keep your pug engaged both mentally and physically
  • Designed to slow down the dog eating pace for healthy digestion
  • Easy to disassemble, fill with treats, and clean with water
  • It’s only a 3-inch size, a great size for even puppies to play with
  • Allows you to select the difficulty level to what suites your pug

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Types of Dog Toys For Pugs

The type of chew toy will accomplish a specific thing that a different toy won’t do. Read along to understand what I mean.

Chew Toys

These are the most common and considered very important. They are designed to keep your pug engaged while cleaning his teeth at the same time.

Also, chew toys offer a gum massage effect that will help soothe some pain and reduce itchiness as well.

Active Toys

These toys are designed to keep your pug engaged with some sort of activity. They can be used in fetch balls games or any other games that will keep the pug in a playing mode.

They can be chewed to spice up the games.

Plush Toys

Plush toys are designed to help soothe a pug’s anxiety and act as a great companion when you are not around or the pug is just alone.

Some will offer some chewing features to make the moments more interactive and fun.

Puzzle Toys

Ideally, these toys are crafted to stimulate the pug’s mind and keep them engaged and not certainly the active movements. Most of the puzzle toys are designed to reward the dog with treats once they figure out.

Sound Toys

These dog toys are equipped with a sound that will stimulate and trigger the pooch to remain active and engaged. Sound can be a crinkle, bell, or the famous squeaker.

In a NutShell

Pugs are distinctive from their squishy face, got a great personality, and make good lapdogs. They will almost immediately fit in welcoming families with their charming love.

But their body limits them to extreme exercise but that doesn’t mean they cannot engage in some physical activities.

That’s where the pug’s chewing toys come in. In this article, we have listed the best chewing pug toys to save you the hassle.

I hope you find this useful and best of luck playing with your pug.

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