7 Best cooling vest for pugs 2023: Why you Need One

When Summer clocks in, we all want to enjoy going out and basking at the beach and enjoying the sun. But that’s not the case for pug owners. This season poses danger to the dog since they find it hard to stay cool. That’s where the need to get the best cooling vest for pugs. come in.Best cooling vest pugs

Why is a cooling vest so important to pugs?

Pug’s body cooling system is less efficient compared to other dogs. So, they need extra assistance to regulate their body temperature. Also, they are prone to obese and it gets worse as they crawl into their senior years.

A cooling dog vest features a special layer of fabric that cools the pug and absorbs water. That said, getting the best cooling vest for pugs pretty much protects the dog from getting heatstroke and saves you the health stress.

Below is a list of the best cooling vest for pugs reviewed.

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7 Best cooling vest pugs 2022

1. Ruffwear Jet Stream Vest

The Ruffwear Jet Stream Vest comes top in this list with its incredible shade and evaporative features. It got this multi-layer design that’s crafted to absorb water and reflect heat during intense activities.

Ruffwear Jet Stream Vest Check Today’s Price

Ruffwear vest outer layer is designed to reflect heat while facilitating evaporation, middle layer will absorb water. The inner part will transfer a cooling sensation to your pug.

I like the three-layer feature provided in this vest simply because it offers Support, Cooling, and stability.

How to use: Simply soak the vest in cold water, wring it out and it’s ready to put on your furry friend. This ensures your pug enjoys longer cooling moments.

You get this vest in all sizes:

XX-small-chest size 12-14’’ or 14.5-17.5’’

Small– chest size 17.5-20’’

Medium– chest size 20.5-24’’

Large– chest size 24.5-28’’

  • Got adjustable zipper and Velcro for comfort
  • Come in all sizes
  • Feature 3M Orange Reflective Strap for visibility
  • Feature 3 layer
  • Come with D-ring to attach a leash
  • Quit challenging finding the proper size

2. Juxzh Truelove Dog Cooling Vest Adjustable

The Juxzh come from Truelove products and is marketed both as a cooling vest and dog harness. It’s made with Polyester lightweight material that’s soft and comfortable. The fabric features a breathable mesh that warms up the dog in the winter season.

Juxzh Truelove Dog Cooling Vest Adjustable Check Today’s Price

To activate the cooling system, just soak the Juxh vest in cold water, squeeze it, and put it on onto your furry friend.

The vest is designed with a round neck and Nylon webbing that has reflective stripes to enhance visibility in the dark areas while hiking.

Juxzh Truelove cooling vest is adjustable and the double zipper makes it super easy to put on and remove.

The vest comes with an aluminum-allow D-ring where you can attach your leash.

It comes in all sizes: Small, Medium, X-large, XX-Large.

  • Lightweight and comfortable
  • Warms up dog even during winter
  • Features reflective strips for visibility
  • Double Zippers to easily put it on and remove
  • Used with leashed
  • Dries out fast

Tip: Take your dog out immediately after soaking the vest to avoid the dog dripping water all over the house. Some people find it challenging to fully wring out after soaking the vest.

3. DOGZSTUFF Dog Cooling Vest

If you are the kind who want to enjoy Summer hanging out with your pug then you need to grab yourself a Dogzstuff Dog cooling vest. This vest guarantees instant cooling to your dog.

DOGZSTUFF Dog Cooling Vest Check Today’s Price

It’s made with premium microfiber fabric that absorbs and draws excess heat water out your furry friend giving him long active hours.

Dogztuff vest offers the dog full protection rated at UPF50+ hence protect your dog from the harsh sun by covering its back and chest. The fact that this cooling vest is crafted with soft spongy fabric ensures it’s lightweight and comfortable.

It comes with adjustable straps to customize a perfect fit for your dog. You get to pick from rose-red or blue colors and comes in all sizes ranging from XS to XL to fit all pug ages.

Soak the vest with water and wring it out to use the vest.

Dogzstuff cooling vest simply gives you value for your buck.

  • It’s lightweight & comfortable
  • Cover the dog back and chest
  • Adjustable straps
  • Instant cooling
  • Dries out fast

4. Best for Value: Cooling Vest Harness for Dogs

Next on the list, we check the incredible 3 Layers natural evaporative Cooling Vest Harness for Pugs.  This vest is crafted with a high-quality PVA and air mesh panel. Talk of lightweight and breathable room, that’s what your dog gets with this vest.

Cooling Vest Harness for Dogs Check Today’s Price

It is also designed to help with UV protection-shades the dog from hot sunlight in summer. That means no sunburn and ensures the pug enjoys cool sensational moments during outdoor events.

The Cooling Vest features side-release buckles that make it easy to adjust the proper size. Also, they make it easy to put it on and take I off.

If you need a vest with premium features but pocket-friendly, then this is what you should be looking at. The Size L-XXXL has an elastic band placed on the tail section for the big dogs to enjoy stability.

To use the vest, simply soak it in cold water wring out the excess water, and just put it on your furry friend.

I recommend carrying a bottle of water to sprinkle on your pug while on a long hike or walk during summer.

And should you get any issue with this cooling vest just contact the manufacturers you’ll get a replacement or full refund. I mean it’s a win-win situation here.

  • Feature UPF50+ sun protection
  • Made with microfiber
  • Comes in all sizes
  • Value for money
  • Features adjustable stripes
  • No leash

5. Hurtta Cooling Dog Vest

This stylish cooling dog vest is available in blue and lilac color. The vest is designed to prevent overheating and give comfort during dot days hiking.

Hurtta Cooling Dog Vest Check Today’s Price

Unlike other vests, the Hurtta cooling vest is smaller in size but still delivers the same comfort and fits perfectly the dog.

The vest design is aimed to keep the heart section cool which will protect your pug from excess heat stroke and developing health issues.

Hurtta cooling vest features a double terrycloth coat designed to maintain cool and dryness for longer periods.

The sizes XXS to S comes with a leash loop that makes it easy to use.

With these customized features, this vest guarantees longer playtime and exercises.

Tip: I will recommend you get the proper dog measurement before purchasing this vest due to its small size.

  • Small eye-catchy size
  • Protect the heart and chest section
  • Comfortable and fits perfectly
  • Double absorption material
  • Features a loop for leash attachment
  • Efficient cooling features
  • Challenging to pick the right size

Check out this video on how to activate vest cooling effect 

6. SGODA Dog Cooler Jacket

If I would pick a dog vest while blindfolded, then SGODA dog cooler would be it. This super sleek lightweight when soaked and easy to put on and remove. It is made with Nylon material and 100% Polyester lining.

SGODA Dog Cooler Jacket Check Today’s Price

It features a 3-layer cooling fabric that uses the evaporative cooling principle: As the liquid turns to vapor, temperature drops while mesh wicks water and the middle cotton fabric absorb water isolating It from reaching the dog.

With this vest on, your dog has protected from UV light hence no sunburns. The light grey color deflects heat thus enhancing cooling.

SGOPA vest comes with neon stripes attached around the neck and leg areas for better visibility in dark areas.

The vest has a D-shaped ring that allows you to easily attach your leash for better handling.

  • Sleek fancy design
  • 3-layer cooling fabric
  • Features reflective strip
  • Easy to put in and off
  • Has a leash attaching ring
  • Made with quality material
  • Wets anything the dog touches

7. LUCOLOVE Dog Cooling Vest

Another fancy vest designed to cool your pug efficiently is the LUCOLOVE dog cooling vest. It features breathable, moisture-retaining fabric for its efficiency.

LUCOLOVE Dog Cooling Vest Check Today’s Price

The LUCOLOVE vest has a dual microfiber layer designed to draw heat from the dog’s body and evaporates sweat and moisture before it accumulates.

Features UPF50+ coverage designed to protect the dog from hot sunlight rays thus prevents heat stroke.

The dual-layer simply ensures water circulates all over the vest ensuring the pug remains cooler when excising or playing outside in the hot sun.

It’s equipped with a chest strap that pug owners can adjust for proper fitting.

LUCOLOVE vest range in 6 sizes and comes in 3 colorful camo prints.

  • Dual-layer cooling feature
  • It’s lightweight and has soft microfiber for comfort
  • Features UPF50+ to protect the dog from the hot sun
  • Has easily adjustable straps for adjustment
  • Safe to use on a washing machine
  • Available in all sizes
  • I think they are a bit overpriced.

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Purchasing the proper cooling vest for pugs can be challenging. That’s why in this article I have shared the best cooling vest to help keep your dog safe and save you health worries.

Cooling vests are designed to keep your pug cool while you guys are out hiking, exercising, or playing outdoors.

For people living in high humid areas, then a pug vest is a must-have.


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