7 Best Harness For Pugs in 2023

Walking your pug dog helps to reduce heart disease, burns calories, and speeds up metabolism. However, to achieve this you need the best harness for pugs.

Best Harness For Pugs

A collar and strap harness tend to pose breathing difficulty on pug dogs since they have tight airways. Adding pressure to the windpipes simply poses injuries or serious damage to your pug dog.

The best harness should fit your pug dog comfortably without any discomforts from friction around their legs as you exercise them.

In this article, I have put together a list of the best harness for pugs putting first your dogs’ health and comfortability.

Driven by my love for pug dogs, this article thrives to guarantee you a harness that is safe, comfortable, and of course durable.

So, let’s dive right into it.

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Types of Pugs Harness

There are various types of harness you can pick from depending on your pug’s body type and its character. Check out the pug’s harness categories below to get a better understanding on what to settle for.

Back clip- This harness is designed for the less jumpy pug dogs which are trained not to pull on the strap. The back-clip design literally daunts pulling.

Vest styles- These are more of vest-like and are designed to cover most of the Pug’s body. Vest harness helps lessen resistance, especially for the super jumpy Pugs.

The vest option comes in handy if you frequently walk your pug but not for a longer period of time.

Front clip- The front clip harness is designed for the skittish pugs. Normally, it meant to apply gentle pressure on the breast to avoid pulling.

However, you have to be cautious since this harness can get the leash stuck around the pug’s legs.

Step in- The step in is the most basic harness design for your pug. Basically, the pug steps in, and you safely buckle near the pug’s back.

There are no complex clipping and its simple to train your pug dog to step right inside with ease.

Dual clip- The dual clip harness is not best suited for small dogs. They work best for the large breed of dogs whom the owners.

Normally, the owner understands how much pressure their dog exults when they pull the leash.

Oh, yeah and they are pricey as well compared to the typical harnesses.

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Best Harness For Pugs

1. Puppia RiteFit Dog Harness- Adjustable Neck

If you need to give your pug dog the feeling of freedom when walking and exercising then this harness is what you are looking for. The Puppia RiteFit dog harness is super comfortable, lightweight, and soft- best suited for your pug.

Puppia RiteFit Dog Harness- Adjustable Neck Current Price @Amazon

It comes with an adjustable neck and chest belt with some additional clips and buckles to customize a perfect fit.

The Puppia RiteFit is equipped with a soft stretch mesh that has a padded chest piece to enhance comfort.

Essentially, it reduces any friction or chafe hence allows your pug freedom to wear the harness for a long time.

Moreover, it’s made of durable nylon material which is easy to wash and dry quickly just like the rest of Puppia soft harnesses.

The hardware is rust-resistant which enhances durability. It comes in numerous fancy colors depending on your preference and Pug’s character.

2. Sporn Training Dog Halter Harness

The Sporn Training Dog Halter harness comes with a padded restrain padded sleeves designed to fit under your pug’s legs comfortably. It features a high-quality braided cord with nickel-plated steel fasteners to enhance durability.

Sporn Training Dog Halter Harness Current Price @Amazon

The Sporn harness features weatherproof material and long lusting hardware which is easy to wash and dry.

The padded sleeves are designed to exert restraints under the pug’s front legs which stops your dog to stop instantly. Don’t worry about the restraints as they covered with sherpa sleeves for your pug’s comfort.

With this harness, you can easily walk and control your pug without subjecting it to any intensive training.

Moreover, this harness is easy to put on. With only three steps and you are good to go.

The Sporn Training Dog harness is a lifetime guarantee and is veterinary recommended

3. Pupteck Mesh

The Pupteck Mesh is a vest style harness crafted with 100% polyester hence super strong and durable. If features a classic checked pattern designed with a Pupteck logo and a plastic buckle for security.

Pupteck Mesh Current Price @Amazon

Also, the air-mesh style comes in handy due to its breathable fabrics that prevent overheating.

It comes with a back buckle and strap thus an ideal harness for pugs.

You can get this stylish harness in multiple colors and sizes.

4. Gooby Choke Free

The Gooby Choke Free is an exclusive, super-comfy harness with an 8-figure look. It features a patented choke free design with chest traps made from soft mesh that create an X look.

Gooby Choke Free Current Price @Amazon

The traps sit below the neck section hence less pressure on the neck.

Literally, the soft mesh harness is ideal for pugs breathing. The D ring at the back of the harness is placed below to lower prevent choking your pug when it pulls up the leash.

Moreover, the polyester mesh is lightweight thus keeps the body temperature cool.

Gooby Choke Free harness is best suited for your pug.

Nevertheless, I recommend you measure the largest part of the pugs’ chest first to help you in picking the right Gooby Choke Free harness

5. RabbitGoo No Pull Harness, Small

The RabbitGoo No Pull is a pug harness crafted with mesh lining and soft padding underneath. The outer fabric is made from breathable nylon.

 RabbitGoo No Pull Harness, Small Current Price @Amazon

It features two adjustable side straps so you should double-check the right size for your pug.

If you are having trouble choosing between two sizes, then I recommend you pick the slightly larger harness since the straps can help you adjust the right size.

Also, the RabbitGoo harness is easy to put on with the help of a quick-release buckle.

Moreover, it comes with a reflective 3m strips so that you can locate your pug in dark spots, crossroads at night, and the likes.

Its equipped with two metal leash attachments- one placed at the back-top for normal dog walks while the second is placed at the chest area to control and train your pug.


6. Gooby X Soft

Another fashionable stunning Pug product from Gooby is the famous Chock Free X Soft dog harness. The Gooby X sits comfortably below the pug’s neck without stressing it.

Gooby X Soft Current Price @Amazon

Just like the rest of the Gooby harnesses, the X Soft is made with a patented choke free design and form an X around the chest.

The polyester mesh helps to maintain cool body temperature for you pug especially during exercise.

The Gooby X Soft comes with an adjustable girth strap so you got to check the right size to fit your Pug’s neck without causing any discomfort.

Also, this harness features micro suede trimming and can be cleaned with your machine.

7. ThinkPet Reflective Harness (Medium)

If you are not looking for a less fancy and simple pug harness, then you should consider ThinkPet Reflective Harness.

 ThinkPet Reflective Harness (Medium) Current Price @Amazon

It’s limited in features and ideal if you just recently got your pug dog and have no experience with the harness handling. Also, it’s very affordable.

This ThinkPet features omnidirectional reflective as all its edges are sealed with reflective piping and straps to offer great visibility in dark spots hence guarantees safety.

The bright design and highly reflective look is a plus to this harness. Its central part is crafted from breathable mesh.

Moreover, ThinkPet Reflective Harness is lightweight, easy to clean, and dry or machine-wash as well.

You can select from the wide range of colors that comes with this harness.

Why use a Harness?

A dog harness comes in handy as opposed to just attaching a leash to a regular collar. Among the numerous merits of using a body- harness includes; training the dog, reduce the pulling of a leash.

Introducing a good harness on your pug puppy should help in introducing good behaviors and practices as it grows.

In addition, a good harness comes in handy on health issues such as canine hip dysplasia (CHD) and movement problems for the aged pugs.

Also, pugs suffering from dysplasia, arthritis, knee, and other mobility complication can enjoy from the list of harness specifically designed for such problems.

Also, harness help to stop your dog from slipping their collar.

Is a Harness great for Pugs?

Using a harness for your pug will definitely have lots of merits. The most observable health issues fact that pugs are brachycephalic breeds.

Brachycephalic is derived from the Greek words for short and skull, which depicts animals with relatively broad and shorter skulls compared to their normal species.

These peculiarities are evidence seen in pugs. They have this scrunched nose and squishy-wrinkled face.

However, the pug’s flat face comes along with some breathing complications.

The leash clipped on a traditional dog collar tends to add pressure on the pug’s throat hence worsening the already breathing difficulties.

Pugs have short nasal airway and thick neck, any pressure subjected to their necks and throats could do more harm than manning the pug.


Pugs are adorable, fun, and great companion hanging around with. However, don’t underrate their small size as they can get quite skittish.

To properly man your pug with a harness, make sure you don’t pick one that will constrain his/her breathing and also easy to escape from. Pugs suffer from various breathing complications and picking a wrong harness will just add pressure on their throat hence making it worse than already is.

Obtaining a good harness offers you full control of your Pug and makes it easy to train and exercise it.

It should be comfortable on your Pug and shouldn’t slip off easily.

In this article, I have listed the best harness for pugs to save you the hassle of search for one.

I hope the information is helpful and good luck pick a harness suitable for your pug.

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