Top 6 Best Toothbrush For Pugs 2022: Dental Oral Care

If you are a pug lover, then you must admire their pretty, little, crooked, pearly white teeth. To keep them clean and fresh, you need to equip yourself with the best toothbrush for pugs.Best Toothbrush For Pugs

Well, I know it sounds absurd getting your pug a toothbrush but these little furry friends just like our kids need total clean-up for maximum hygiene.

The best toothbrush for pugs should be FDA certified. It should small, round-shaped, with soft bristles to prevent poking the dog’s gum that may lead to bleeding and other complication.

My all-time favorite pug toothbrush is the RosyLife Pet Dog Soft Toothbrush. It comes with a set of four handheld brushes equipped with a brush at each end. It’s super effective and safe as well on pugs.

If you are in a hurry and do not want to go through all the options available then I will totally recommend this toothbrush.

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Best Toothbrush For Pugs 2021 Reviewed

1.RosyLife Pet Dog Soft Toothbrush

Top of this list is RosyLife Pet Dog Soft Toothbrush. It’s a set of 4 brushes, two similar ones each equipped with a brush at the end. This set of brushes offers pug owners a wide variety of long, super-efficient 4 handheld brushes made of silicon.

RosyLife Pet Dog Soft Toothbrush Current Price @Amazon

These colorful brushes come with soft bristles and an 8.5-inch-long slim handle to allow users access at the back of the pug’s mouth. It features a textured handle to give a firm grip and better control.

One side of the brush is larger ideal for scooping off debris on the front teeth while the smaller side will dig deep inside the pug’s teeth.

The toothbrush has focused on safety as a key feature thus made with FDA food materials. This makes it easy and safe to use inside the pug’s mouth.

  • The kit is equipped with 4 sets of two different toothbrushes
  • Features soft silicone bristles safe for pug’s gum
  • Equipped with two brushes, one at each end
  • Long textured handle that offer a firm grip
  • 100% guarantees satisfaction
  • Could a little more durable

2. Vet’s Best Finger Dog Toothbrush

The Vet’s Best Finger Dog Toothbrush is designed to combat plaque and tartar on your pug’s teeth. If you have more than one dog then this 10-count pack is definitely ideal for you.

Vet’s Best Finger Dog Toothbrush Current Price @Amazon

It’s designed with a triple-head that allows you to clean the pug’s teeth from multiple angles at the same time. The bristles are soft and safe.

Getting this toothbrush guarantees fresh breath and brightens the dog’s teeth.

The brushes are easy to use as they are designed to fit perfectly on the fingertip.

  • Cleans teeth from multiple angles at once
  • Effectively removes plaque and tartar
  • Taste like treats hence very friendly on a pug’s mouth
  • Easy to use and has a firm and nice grip
  • It’s very affordable
  • Soft bristles and Safe Food Grade-doesn’t use any synthetic estrogen for hardening polycarbonate plastics.
  • Mostly designed for small dogs

3. FOMATE Dog toothbrush

If your need to indefinitely get rid of pug’s stinky breath and rotting gums then get the FOMATE Dog toothbrush. It’s a rubber made with a double-sided brush optimized to scrub off plaque and tartar efficiently.

FOMATE Dog toothbrush Current Price @Amazon

To enhance its versatility, the front part of the double-sided head includes large pads designed to clean the larger surface area of the dog’s teeth. The back part has smaller pads that efficiently access between gums.

This toothbrush is similar to the traditional brush but the head features silicone pads that are super-gentle on the pug’s mouth. However, the handles are 5.6-inches making it difficult to get at the back of the pug’s mouth

FOMATE Dog toothbrush is designed with an angled handle to make it easy to grip and use.

  • Efficient in getting rid of pug’s stinky breath and rotting gums
  • Double-sided brush optimized to remove plaque and tartar
  • Features two silicone pads (small & Lage)
  • Has an angled handle to offer a good grip
  • Perfectly crafted for small dog mouth like pugs’
  • The handle could be longer to allow access at the back of pug’s mouth

4. Pet Republique Toothbrush

The Pet Republique Toothbrushes are crafted from high-quality materials with top-notch soft bristles to scrub tartar and grunge from the dog’s teeth and minimize harming the pug.

Pet Republique Toothbrush Current Price @Amazon

It’s packed in a set of 3 or 6 toothbrushes. You get the brushes in two colors which I find very helpful if you got more than one pet.

This pug brush offers you a dual-head brush– a small brush and a large brush on both sides. It allows pug owners to clean all parts of the mouth efficiently and with ease.

Pet Republique manufacturers donate 15% of all their profits to the American Animal Rescue Society. Well, this implies a single purchase of this product simply rescue the life of a pug or other pets.

  • A long handle with a hump makes it easy to handle and access all parts of the pug’s mouth (8.5-inches)
  • Double-sided head brush (Small & Large)
  • High quality and medium-textured bristles that remove tartar without poking the pug’s gum
  • Veterinarian recommended for pug’s oral care
  • 100% safe, designed with biodegradable material and BPA free
  • The cleaning head could be smaller to ease cleaning puppies

5. Arm & Hammer Clinical Dental Toothpaste & Kit

A better and sure way to offer oral care for your pug is by using the Arm & Hammer Clinical Dental Toothpaste and kit. It designed to combat plaque, tartar, and bad breath from the dog’s mouth.

Arm & Hammer Clinical Dental Toothpaste & Kit Current Price @Amazon

The brush features one tube of enzymatic toothpaste that’s imbued with baking soda to help kill bacteria hiding in areas that are hard to access.

It’s designed with natural ingredients made from natural herbs that help to soothe sensitive and sore gums.

This pug toothbrush comes with a dual-sided head- a smaller end and a large end to enhance cleaning both on the large surface and the hiding areas.

  • Infused with delicious chicken flavor and fresh mint that pugs will enjoy
  • Designed with natural ingredients such as natural herbs
  • Double-sided head- a small and large end to cover all areas in the mouth
  • Infused with baking soda to help get rid of tartar and flush out bad breath
  • Some pug owners don’t like the smell, however, does not irritate the dog.

6. Nylabone Advanced Oral Care

Nylabone Advanced Oral Care is an American made, vet-recommended toothbrush designed to remove plaque and bacteria.

Nylabone Advanced Oral Care Current Price @Amazon

It’s crafted with soft bristles for safe brushing and an angled neck to allow easy access to every part of the pug’s mouth.

This pack comes with a 2.5-ounce bottle of puppy toothpaste that is infused with Denta-C that’s Vets proof to combat plaque and tartar.

Nylabone Advanced Oral Care is modified to keep up with your pug’s healthy teeth, fresh breath, and strong gums.

  • Best suited for pug puppies with the half-inch toothbrush
  • Denta-C toothpaste is scientifically proven to remove plaque that causes bacteria
  • Full toothbrush kit- small toothbrush, finger brush, and 2.5 ounces toothpaste bottle
  • Designed with nylon bristles and an angled neck to access all parts of the pug’s mouth
  • Rubber massager proves difficult to clean properly especially for the jumpy pugs

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Features of a good Toothbrush for Pugs

Brushing your pug’s teeth is the most efficient way for their dental care. However, you need to know what to look for in a good pug toothbrush.

Below are the features that you need to prioritize when buying a reliable dog toothbrush.

  • Sizing- Pug’s mouth is usually small going by the fact that they are small in size as well. So, you need to get a toothbrush that will comfortably fit into their mouth without straining and with ease. Toothbrushes with small heads are ideal.
  • Angle- A pug’s toothbrush should be designed with an angled head simply because the dog’s jaw is set differently from humans. An angled brush will access those hard-to-reach areas in the mouth and offer a nice-firm grip.
  • Soft Bristles- Pugs toothbrush MUST have soft bristles. This will help you prevent irritating their sensitive gums or stop the bleeding. Stiff bristle will aggravate the gumline causing bleeding which may lead to infections.
  • FDA Approved Food Grade Materials- A toothbrush made from non-natural materials will contains chemicals that are harmful to the pug’s mouth. You must get a toothbrush that is FDA certified for safe oral care.
  • Dual Head- This type of toothbrush usually has 2 brush heads. The heads are placed on both ends of the brush.
  • Length- The length of the handle is an important feature that helps you to have a firm grip when brushing the pug’s teeth. A good toothbrush length should measure between 7 to 9 inches long.

Wrapping Up

As a pug lover, dental care for your little furry friend is fundamental considering the fact worsens when ignored.

However, getting the right toothbrush can be difficult especially if you are a new pug owner.

That’s why in this article, I have the best toothbrush designed for pugs to help you ease the search hassle and get ahead with your pugs’ dental care.


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