7 Best Puppy Food for Pugs 2019 Reviewed

Best puppy food for pugs? I have heard blue buffalo and Wellness are good for them. I do nutritional counselling and canine/equine therapy. Raw is best – many commercially available now – even just to add a few times a week. The nutritional veterinarians I have worked with have recommended Natures Logic dry and canned … Read more

7 Best Dry Food for Pugs 2019 Reviewed

What dry food is best for pugs?? The ones I have tried either upset his stomach or he won’t even touch Which makes me go back to wet food like Cesar’s which is more expensive Reviews: 7 Best Dry Food for Pugs 2019 1. Victor’s professional dog food  I feed mine Victor’s professional dog food. She … Read more

Do Pugs Shed? – Black Pug vs Fawn Shedding

On personality, pugs are playful, charming, affectionate, and happy – what a great pet! In addition, pugs are beautiful and adorable with their small stature, wrinkled body and short face.  Still, no matter how great a dog or pet breed seems overall, there are some key considerations to make before adopting. One such factor is “hair shedding.” So, do pug … Read more

7 Best Harness For Pugs in 2019

1. Cool Mesh Netted Dog Harness    2. Red Dingo Designer Dog Harness    3. Puppia Soft Dog Harness    4. Noxgear LightHound LED Illuminated    5. Doggie Design American River Dog Tux Harness