Can Pugs Eat Bananas? 6 Best Tips to use it on meals

The most common question I have seen on the internet on pugs is “Can pugs eat bananas?  As a pet owner, we wonder which diet is best for pug to eat. Is it meat, fruits, vegetable or any other human food that they can use without getting their pug sick?Can Pugs Eat Bananas?

How we can use bananas in pug’s diet.

Excessive use of banana might not be a good diet for your pugs but they can eat it within a limit and consuming with other diets. It is a great source of Vitamin B6 & C, Potassium, Copper, Manganese and fiber. It has high sugar content with low sodium & cholesterol level.

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Can Pugs Eat Bananas

Is Banana Is Healthy Diet For Your Pug? 

Bananas don’t have any toxic content in it but that doesn’t mean it’s not harmful to you pugs. Sometimes they have digestion issues when you excessively use banana in their diets and they got a stomach blockage.

Their digestive system is different from a human so it’s important to understand their diet. So it’s better to concern with your veterinarian for a balanced use of the banana in their diets. Let have a look at ways that a banana good or bad for your Pugs.

Benefits Of Bananas For Your Pugs 

  • Bananas are rich with several essential sources including Potassium, Vitamin B6 and Vitamin C that most vets recommend for your Pug as a treat. These sources are best for their healthy growth.
  • Bananas have low cholesterol and sodium that make it a healthy choice as compare to other salty and fatty pug foods. The lack of these sources might help your pugs to avoid obesity issues.
  • Bananas are a rich source of fiber that makes their digestion system better and help pugs to avoid gastrointestinal problems. This leads to good health for your pugs and helps them is digest other food sources.
  • Bananas have magnesium that helps the pugs for the growth of bones and helps for the absorption of vitamins and proteins.

It’s a good and healthy choice if you are using it for the occasional treat.

How Bananas Are Bad For Your Pugs? 

  • Bananas have a high sugar level that made this diet a problem for your pugs. Your pug may face Diabetes, obesity and some gastrointestinal issues. So if you want to avoid all these health conditions with your pug then make sure to avoid excessive use of banana.
  • Bananas have a rich amount of fiber as well which is difficult to digest for some of your pugs. The use of too much fiber in one meal leads to constipation for your pugs.
  • Avoid using banana’s peel in pug’s meals. Even it’s not toxic but it might raise some digestion issues.

There is a risk of allergy with almost all the foods that you are using in their pug’s meal. So if you see any Allergic Sign, Breathing Difficulty, Swelling, Coughing or any other symptoms then contact your vets and stop eating them bananas.

How To Feed Pugs A Banana? 

There are a lot of recopies online that you can use to feed bananas to your pugs. Let have a look at some of the famous bananas mix that you can feed to your pugs. Your pug will surely love to eat them.

1. Frozen Banana Treats 

You can use these treats in the summer season. Just peels the banana and then cut and freeze them. You can also mash them if you pugs don’t like to eat the banana pieces. Your pugs will love this refreshing meal during summer.

2. Banana & Pug Food Mix 

You can mash the bananas and mix them with any pug food that you have in your home. In this way, your pug has a new taste in their regular diet and they surely love it. But you must have a sugar free diet because bananas have already a great source of sugar that might cause obesity.

3. Banana & Sweet Potato Pug’s Biscuits 

To make this tasty pug’s biscuits you need only 5 ingredients. Mix the sweet potatoes, bananas, Biscuit Mix, organic whole wheat and whole oats and make biscuits. Sweet potatoes are a great source that helps them to digest the foods.

Almost all of these ingredients are available at your home. You can avoid using the whole wheat and oats if your dog is sensitive to grains. Or ask your vets before feeding them this mixture.

4. Homemade Carrot & Banana Mix Recipe 

These homemade pug diets have healthy human food ingredients that are a healthy source of necessary fiber and vitamins. Just mesh carrots with bananas and make biscuits. You can also use it with other pugs food that you have in your home. This recipe will help your pugs to digest all food ingredients easily.

5. Frozen Pumpkin & Banana Treats 

This banana mix treat is best for your pugs in summer’s season when you are trying to cool your pugs. Pumpkin is a great fruit that helps you pugs to have the best urinary health and digestive system. It’s also helpful for the pugs that are looking to shed their excessive body weights. This recipe used yogurt also. So if your pegs have lactose intolerant or have any allergy then you must avoid using it.

6. Banana & Peanut Butter Biscuits 

You can make these biscuits by adding banana and peanut butter with biscuits mix. Peanut butter is the best for getting the necessary protein for your Pugs. For this recipe, you need unsalted raw peanut butter. Mix them all and bake them so you get a sweet recipe for your pugs.


As a pet owner, you must care and monitor your pugs that what they are eating during the day. Pet loves to eat and they become obese if they eat bananas and other food excessively. So, can pugs eat bananas. Yes! But with moderation in their diet.

They must have regular exercise with moderation use of bananas to stay healthy. So don’t fear feeding them bananas just limit them and serve your pug a sweet and healthy diet!

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