Can Pugs’ Eyes Pop Out: 5 Tips to Stop it from Happening

Can Pugs’ Eyes Pop Out? Well, these large, cute, round, and nice-looking eyes are among the most striking features that give Pugs the unique look. Today we are going to take a closer look at this bizarre question that has lots of Pug owners puzzled.Can Pugs' Eyes Pop Out

A quick answer is Yes, they can. Pugs are brachycephalic breeds which means they are short-nosed breeds with shallow eye-sockets. As a result, their eyes are prone to displacement, a condition referred to as Proptosis

In this article, I’m going to tell you more about what might cause Pugs eyes displacement, how you should handle the situation, and ways to avoid it from happening in the future.

Can Pugs’ Eyes Pop Out

Tales have been told concerning Pugs’ eyes popping out which to most of the pet owners it sounds like as myth.

Unfortunately, this is not a fallacy. It’s a rare condition called Proptosis commonly seen with flat-faced breeds like pugs. Pug owners ought to be aware of this condition and shouldn’t freak out once it happens.

Also, I recommend you teach your kids how to handle the pug- like using minimal pressure when handling the pug and avoid playing with the eyes.

Pugs Proptosis

Ocular proptosis is the unexpected ejection of the eyeball from the eye sockets causing them to be trapped outside the eyelids. Basically, pugs’ eyes will kind of droop outside the sockets. This is the most common Pug eye emergencies.

I kid you not, this condition does not affect animals only but humans as well. There are people who can pop their eyes out of the sockets and pull them back. Well, some do it for fun.

Also, in some scenarios, the eyeballs protrude outside the eyelid.

Why do Pug’s Eyes Bulge/Pop Out?

Apart from Pugs having big bulging eyes,  trauma or injuries are the most common reasons why their eye pops out. It’s a condition that affects other dog breeds with the like of French Bulldog, Chihuahua, Pekingese, and Boston Terrier.

The fact that Pugs weigh under 20 pounds makes them vulnerable to a little extra force on their body. This is likely to happen when they are playing especially with the other bigger sized pooch or other incidences.

The other dislocation cause of the eyes can be due to pressure exulted from the interior.

How Frequently Do Pugs Eyes Pop Out

This condition is rare in Pugs. I have been with Buddha, she’s a fawn for over 7 years now and not a single day have I experienced proptosis. So, don’t freak out yet and go ahead and get a Pug.

I must confess Pug’s eyes are susceptible to other health complications which can be manned with daily cleaning and using the right lubrication.

Tips to Prevent Pugs Eyeballs from Popping Out

Sadly, Pugs are vulnerable to proptosis hence there isn’t any method to completely prevent their eyes from popping out. The good news is, there are simple things you can do to stop the eyes from drooping outside.

Here are simple tips you ought to do;

  • Avoid playing rough with the pug and ensure the same happens with other animals.
  • Never stretch or pull their skin especially from the face or from loose skin around the neck. (Scruff)
  • Stop them from scratching their eyes for long periods.
  • Walk the pug with the best dog harness and avoid dog collars. (Collars may exalt pressure resulting in eyeballs popping out.)
  • Get your pug regularly checked by a vet to ensure he/she has no other health conditions going on.

What to do if your Pug’s Eye Pop Out?

Should this accident happen to your Pug, instant attention is a must. Don’t rush him/her to the vet yet, instead, get some gauze and saline solution. If you can’t grab them just use water.

In the first step, you should get the gauze wet with saline solution then use it to cover the eye. The goal is to keep it as moisturized and clean from any contamination.

Your hand being clean and you notice the eye area is dirty, it’s important to clean it with sterile eyewash, this is a must-have for all pug owners.

Make sure you don’t take the gauze off the Pug’s eye once you’ve covered it to avoid any further damage. At this point, you can now rush your pug to the nearest vet office for special attention.  I always recommend you should go with someone else so that while he/she is driving you’ll hold the pug to keep the gauze in place.

What to do if You Can’t Access a Vet

In the event, you cannot get to an emergency animal clinic within an hour or not at all, you’ll have to treat the situation yourself. I know it’s can be a scary move that most pet owners won’t be comfortable doing but it’s possible.

Before executing this process, ensure your hands are clean. So, the first step you might want to pull the eyelids to cover the eye.

In some situations, the eye will pop out too far for you to extend the eyelids so a pair of extra hands will come in handy.

Ensure the muscles are not swollen since it will be tricky to continue with this process. Also, don’t force the eye back into the socket if it fails to fit back.

At this point just ensure you keep the eye moisturized and get instant medical help.

Ways to Protect Pugs Eyes

Besides the regular vet checkups, you should also learn how to properly take care of your fur baby eyes.

First off, make sure when you are grooming, bathing your pug with shampoo, or clipping nail, that non of the loose pieces enter the eyes.

Also, ensure you regularly wipe your Pug’s eyes to combat debris. This will help to remove food residues and any other discharge. I always recommend you do this three times a day but if that is not possible at least once per day.

I use Arava Eye Stain Cleaner to wipe my pug’s eye simply because of its natural aromatherapy and it perfectly gets the job.

Pug’s eye problem can be categorized into two:

  • Corneal Abrasions
  • Internal or Structural Eye conditions

Corneal Abrasions

This is a condition where your pug scratches the eye itself.  It’s divided into 4 categories-  Distichiasis, Entropion, External Sctraches, and Dry Eye.


Also called eye irritation, this condition entails eyelashes scratching the cornea. Some eyelashes will grow from the wrong side of the eyelid or they may grow into the bottom of the lid. In such cases, the hair will ultimately scratch the cornea hence irritation.

This condition can be treated by removing or simply plucking the hairs. In some events, minor surgery will be required to remove the hairs right from their follicles.


This condition is almost related to Distichiasis only that it’s the eyelid causing irritation and not the stray hairs. Also called flipped eyelid, the condition is common mostly affects pug’s pup under a year old. If not treated in time, it may cause ulcers.

It’s easy to spot with mostly eye redness and your pug being dejected. I recommend a quick check-up with the vet to rectify the condition. Basically, the vet will adjust the eyelid to fit back into its original spot.

External Scratches

Pugs are super jumpy and love to play a lot. As a result, they may get scratched while running into bushes, get injuries from other pets, or simply self-inflicted injuries. When these happen the cornea is in jeopardy.

It comprises 4 layers in which the intensity of the wound can be measured in terms of how deep it goes. Its symptoms include eye redness and irritation.

Depending on the wound intensity, you may use some eye drops or ointment as treatment. Should the injury worsen then seek instant medical attention from your vet.

Internal or Structural Eye Condition

This condition comprises complications such as Pigmentary Keratitis, Cherry Eye, and Cataract.

Pigmentary Keratitis

This is a condition that taints the white part of the eye with a brown Melanin. Normally it appears as dots or brown patches on the optic. They can result in poor eyesight and eventually to blindness if not treated in time.

Cherry Eye

This condition is where there is a red  ‘Cherry’ bulge, irritation, and inflammation on the eye, It’s caused by inflammation of the tear duct.

It needs instant medical attention for the vet to reduce the swelling and conduct a minor surgery to adjust the inflamed membrane back to place.


This condition is similar to humans where the opacity of the lens worsens causing a cloudy looking eye. Eventually, Eyesight tends to deteriorate by becoming blurry. It’s a common condition with aged Pugs and can be treated through surgery.


Pug’s big, rounded, and cute eyes come with a hefty price on them. They are very sensitive.

The good news is with proper care and treatment you can offer your pug the best time of his/her life. Always be on the watch for any signs or discomforts.

Make sure they play in safe places and regular vet visits will add up to the overall care for your Pug’s eyesight.

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