Do pugs fart a lot? What is Flatulence! Best tip to control it

Pugs are known for their compact, squishy and comical look. They are charming, adorable, and have lots of intriguing traits that make you want to have them around your home. However, there are some traits that are less desirable in pugs, and one of them is farting. So, do pugs fart a lot?Do pugs fart a lot?

Well, a quick answer is Yes. Pugs, just like other dogs will fart or in other words, flatulate and the smell can be intense sometimes. They are gassy because they tend to swallow a lot of air throughout their lives.

In this article, we’ve done in-depth research on pug fart so that you don’t. Read along for more info.

Do Pugs fart a lot

Well, here is my story. When I first got Buddha, she was still a puppy.  She used to pass gas anywhere, in the car or when carrying her, and most of the time I felt like passing out. It was that irritating. She used to do this more often and until I realized I need to change her food. I guess it was as a result of what she was feed from the previous owner.

I started to mix a teaspoon of natural, nonflavored, and fat-free yogurt in her dry meals. However, this will depend on how old is your Pug, Buddha was around 7 weeks old.

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Why Do Pug Fart So Much?

The main reasons why Pugs fart a lot is due to the fact they eat fast, what they diet on, and their genetic structure.

One reason why your pug fart so much is because he/she is eating too fast. When pugs east fast air is gulped down together with the food. Pugs just like other pooches will ambush on their meals like they are not going to eat for the rest of the day.

This is common in all dogs and the remedy is discussed later in this article.

Your pug’s food will affect how he/she fart. Some ingredients in a pug meal will result in excess gas. Ingredients like Corn are difficult to digest and will make the fart worse.

Liver treats are also known to cause excess farts in pugs compared to other types of treats. Most Pug owners prefer using lamb meals as opposed to lamb meat diets.

Imbalance in Pugs digestive tract might result in both positive and negative bacteria. However, if there is an imbalance it will cause excess gas and other complication such as stomach upset and constipation.

What is Flatulence?

Flatulence is simply the ejection of a mixture of gases which are spinoffs of the digestion process through the rectum of an animal. This affects humans as well.

Different dog breeds will experience flatulence differently and for this reason, their fart will vary as well. Some pooch will have stomach upset, bloating, stomach rumbles, and extreme gas sounds.

How to Improve Your Pug’s Stinky Fart

Fortunately, you can control the smell of your pug’s fart and say goodbye to the nasty smell. The following are remedies to help you out.


Some pugs tend to fart after having their meals. If this is your case then always take him/her for a walk for at least 30 minutes after the meal. The goal here is to improve digestion and eliminate gases from the stomach.

Oh, and just before I forget, avoid feeding your pug immediately after the walk. This will stop him/her from excessive farting.

Check Your Pugs Diet

One of the surest ways to control your Pug’s fart is to change the diet. Check if the meals contain excess liver or beef. Ensure whatever treats you give him/her will not worsen the situation.

These little furry friends like to feed on meals that are related to what they would feast in the wild. To be precise, meat. So, ensure your pug eats lots of natural food and get enough meat in her meals as well.

Also, keep off from Pug meals that have a high concentration of beans, soybeans, or peas as they tend to cause excessive farting.

To get a better understanding of the right and healthy meals to feed your pugs I recommend you check out with your vet. They got a better understanding of your pug’s health and will definitely recommend the best healthy food to help you with the flatulence.

Stop Feeding Your Pug Table Scraps

Another better way to control pug’s irritating farts is to stop feeding them table scraps and human meals. If you must feed your pug human food then you better know which meals work best for them.

Pugs just like other dogs have a different digestive system from humans thus avoid food that has excess sugar or fats.

I also recommend avoiding giving your pug foods that are spicy, spoiled, additives foods, and milk and dairy products.

Swap the Food Dish

You’ll be surprised by the tremendous change you’ll get in controlling your pug’s gas by doing something as simple as changing the dish.

As discussed earlier in this article, we pointed out one of the things that cause pugs to fart is because they eat fast. For this reason, you have to alter their food dish to get them to slow down when they eat.

Pick a food dish with obstructions in it to help your pug slow her eating style. This is my favorite slow feeder dog bowl.

The goal of a slow feeder bowl is to ensure that your furry friend swallows less air during feeding hence reducing fart.

Feed Your Pug Digestive Supplements

According to most pug owns, dog supplements do work “magic” in combating stomach aches and controlling the irritating gas. They are designed to help the dog digest the food better and this controls the dog fart.

I also find adding canned pumpkin food super-efficient to boost my pug’s digestion and some charcoal pooch treats as a remedy for the puppies.

Prozyme is one of the best supplements that will help reduce your pug’s fart and save you from wrecking your nose.

However, before you decide to give your dog any digestive supplements, talk to your vet first for the best remedy. Your veterinarian has a health record of your pug so he/she will recommend the best supplements.

Visit your Veterinarian

If the above remedies are not suitable for your pooch, then I recommend you check out with your vet.

At times your pug will be in pain or have a continuous fart, such complications require further treatment from a vet before the situation worsens.

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Wrapping Up

It’s normal for your pug to fart so get ready to get yourself some air fresheners or invest in scented candles when she farts. But expect your little furry buddy to flatulate more compared to other breeds.

If your pug has non-stop farts throughout the day, diarrhea, or vomiting then these are signs of serious problems and you should talk to a vet before the situation gets out of hand.

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