Do Pugs Get Along With Cats?Details

If you planning to keep cats and pugs together then the next question you should be asking yourself is, ”Do Pugs get along with cats?”

Fortunately, most pug dogs will get along with cats due to their similarities; like their small sizes and calm character. However, this will sorely depend on the cats’ and pugs’ temperament.

Both breeds have definite personalities, breed traits, and genetics and they may end up not getting along together.

Normally, cats and dogs are known to be traditional to Do Pugs Get Along With Cats?..Details Do Pugs Get Along With Cats

But today we’ll take a look at the best ways to get your Pug acclimated to your cat and make them less aggressive.

So let’s jump right into it.

Do Pugs Get Along With Cats?

Generally, Pugs can easily get accustomed to other animals because of their loyal trait. and also if properly trained.

Dealing with both pets can be super challenging especially if it’s your first time. It’s important to introduce your pug to your cat in a proper way.

I’ll give you a few tips on how to do it but before that let me tell you why Pugs are easy to get along with cats.

Small Size

First off, both breeds are small in size. This factor plays a key role, especially on your feline. The cat is less likely to get intimidated by the Pugs’ size, unlike a big dog.

Instead, your cat will ignore the Pug due to its small size and her space is not being compromised.

On the other hand, your Pug will comfortably handle the cat size which is good for their relationship especially when they are playing together.

Territorial Traits

Pugs don’t have natural territorial traits thus they will hang around cats comfortably without fighting or ruckus. Essentially, Pugs will share their space comfortably with not only cats but other animals.

Also, Pugs were not bred with a hunting drive hence they don’t have that natural instinct to hunt like other breeds. They can’t prey on other animals which helps them keep a friendly relation with cats.

As a matter of fact, cats don’t work well when placed under other animal authorities both physically and socially. Literally, cats have high self-esteem.

Appealing Personality

Pugs are passive breeds which makes them less aggressive towards cats. This trait can always be taught once you notice some bizarre behavior.

However, if you are thinking of bringing home a cat as your new pet, make sure she’s comfortable around dogs.

Perhaps toward the beginning, there will be some contact or tense minutes but with time adhering to these tips, it will be settled eventually.

How to Introduce Your Pug to a Cat

The first thing you have to recall is that you can’t surge things. Trying to force a relationship between a Pug and a cat is most likely to cause harm than bonding. This two breeds are generally not very close.

Take things gradually, and you’ll, in the long run, see things improve to a point that you’ll discover something other than satisfactory.

Cats and dogs can’t simply quickly like one another; they need an opportunity to get used to one another.

Below are tips to develop cat and Pugs relationship.

Keep the cat in a safe space 

You need to realize that a feline will possibly assault a Pug in the event that her space is being compromised. Cats will retaliate other animals when put in a position which the only way out is fight back.

Along these lines, it would be best that you furnish your feline with a spot where it won’t get interrupted by the Pug. This will maintain a strategic distance from any early and superfluous showdown between the two.

The space can be a room, a corner, pet bed, or a high spot that only your cat can access. I always recommend picking high places for cats since Pugs are short. Also just like other dogs, Pugs can’t jump as high as cats..

Give Treats Each Time Your Pug and Cat Obeys

Make sure to dependably praise your Pug for any great or amicable conduct that it shows towards your feline. That way, your Pug will bit by bit partner any charming inclination or occasion with the nearness of your feline.

Cats can be stubborn training them to respect Pugs. So the best way to do it is give them treats each time they follow small successful instructions towards your Pug.

Cats can be stubborn training them to respect Pugs. So the best way to do it is give them treats each time they follow small successful instruction towards your Pug.

Also, you could compensate your Pug with a treat at whatever point your feline is near. At first your pug might be resistant and back at your feline, but in the long run, the treats will charming things up between the two.

Supervise the pug and dog when feeding 

One place that your Pug and Cat will definitely end up fighting is during feeding time. It’s best  if always you feed them at the same time but use different places.

Pugs tend to be aggressive when it comes protecting their food. This does not pick me by surprise since it’s a common trait seen in all animals.

I always recommend to place your Pugs’ food on the ground and your cats’ on higher places. This will definitely stop them from scrubbing each other meal and allow them to enjoy eating their meal at peace.

Give Your Cat Dominance over the Pug

Pugs are dominative when they need attention from their owners and most chances are you’ll end up neglecting your cat. Always ensure that your cat feels that she’s still loved.

You can hold your feline in your arms until it loose itself before giving your Pug a chance to come into the room or get anyplace close.

You will save yourself a lot of problem if you give the cat dominance over the Pug. An easy way to do this is by giving your cat food  first during feeding time.

Get Your Pug Tired

What’s better to weary out  your Pug than regular taking him/her to walks and playing together. This is also best spot to introduce your Pug to the cat and let them participate in outdoors activities together.

Take your Pug to dog parks and carry the cat with you to allow both Pets get acclimated to different places and situations. Pugs are super jumpy and will get tired by the time they get back home hence won’t bother interfering with cat.

Make use of a Pug Harness

A Pug leash or harness will come in handy when you want to introduce your cat to him/her.  They are designed to give you more control over your dog.

Cats can be stubborn training them to respect Pugs. So the best way to do it is give them treats each time they follow small successful instruction towards your Pug.

Get a retractable harness like this one that will stop your Pug from getting into your cats perimeter. Eventually your cat will notice that the Pug cannot get too close to him/her hence will feel free and secure.

Train Your Pug

Training your Pug before you introduce him/her to you cat is one of the best move. Your Pug should able to follow some simple instruction such as stop, sit, down and so on.

Such commands should help you stop the Pug when it bother the cat.

If your Pug needs some training check out this article I did on how to train your Pug.


Pugs and cats can get along but this will also depend on various things. To start with, the two pets have different personalities. Also, most of the time cats will push away Pugs when they try to play.

Basically, Pugs are easier to introduce to cats when done in the right way. This article has discuss the best ways to do it.

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