Do Pugs Shed? – Black Pug vs Fawn Shedding

On personality, pugs are playful, charming, affectionate, and happy – what a great pet! In addition, pugs are beautiful and adorable with their small stature, wrinkled body and short face.  Still, no matter how great a dog or pet breed seems overall, there are some key considerations to make before adopting. One such factor is “hair shedding.” So, do pug … Read more

How to Bathe a Pug Dog – Either in bathtub or sink.

If you use water to clean your pug (no matter if it’s part of the body), do not forget to dry it. Water, contrary to what one might think, dries the skin. In the folds of the pug’s face, it can cause irritation that can lead to infections. Folds and eyes The cleansing of facial … Read more