How Much is a Pug Dog? Pug Price

Pugs have a quirky personality and look,  they are goofy, and loving little buddies – which makes them a beloved dog breed. However, if you’re considering buying a pug, there are a few consideration you need to make. Pug price is one of them. So, “how much is a Pug Dog?” 

The short answer is, the median price for pus is $1,002. A premium pug with a superior lineage (and considering its pedigree, ) costs between  $1,900 – $6,000. However, on average, a pug (not show quality) with its papers but without breeding rights will cost between $600 to $1,500. However, to adopt a pug, you’ll need $350-$550 – this cost includes vaccinations and registrations.

Here’s My story – Pug Prices Included (Check Image)

1. Buddha was my first pug and I gave $1,000, she came with papers and included the anniversary present since I so much desired to have my own lovely pug.

2. Second, as seen on the photo below, is Mika who was my second pug. I acquired her for free from Craigslist. Sadly, Mika was abused and severely used as a breeder in addition to living in the cold nights and harch days for 24/7😡in FLORIDA! I am happy that I landed this great girl into my house.

3. Finally, Boston and Daisy came as a bonded pair  (costing $500 for both of them) via the Central Florida Pug Rescue. I love them all equally and take great care ❤️.

Pug Price – How Much is a Pug Dog?

Pug prices vary with  Supply VS Demand, Quality of the Dog, and Geographic location.


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