How Much is a Pug Dog? Pug Price

If you’re planning on buying a pug, there are a few considerations you need to make. Pug price is one of them. So, “how much is a Pug Dog?”How Much is a Pug Dog

The short answer is, the median price for pugs is $1,002. A premium pug with a superior bloodline (and considering its pedigree, ) costs between  $1,900 – $6,000. However, on average, a pug (not showing quality) with its papers but without breeding rights will cost between $600 to $1,500.

Also, to adopt a pug, you’ll need $350-$550 – this cost includes vaccinations and registrations.

Pugs have a quirky personality and look.  They are goofy and loving little buddies – which makes them a beloved dog breed. 

Below I have outlined my experience expenses with Pugs so stay put.

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Here’s My story – Pug Prices Included (Check Image)

1. Buddha was my first pug and I gave $1,000, she came with papers and included the anniversary present since I so much desired to have my own lovely pug.

How Much is a Pug Dog?

2. Second, as seen in the photo below, is Mika who was my second pug. I acquired her for free from Craigslist. Sadly, Mika was abused and severely used as a breeder in addition to living in the cold nights and harch days for 24/7in FLORIDA! I am happy that I landed this great girl into my house.

How Much is a Pug Dog?

3. Finally, Boston and Daisy came as a bonded pair  (costing $500 for both of them) via the Central Florida Pug Rescue. I love them all equally and take great care.

How Much is a Pug Dog?

Pug Price – How Much is a Pug Dog?

Pug prices vary with Supply VS Demand, Quality of the Dog, Geographic location, and age. Depending on these factors, a Pug may range between $500 – $2000.

At this range, a pooch is most likely to have papers but chances are it won’t be a pure breed. Pugs that are from an excellent line will be priced as high as $6000. Of course, the high price guarantees you a pure breed.

Alternatively, you can adopt a Pug and in such a scenario prices ranges from $350-$550, inclusive of the registration and vaccinations. This option allows you to save some money and still enjoy the company offered by these little cute buddies.

How much Does a Pug Cost to Feed?

At only 14-18 pounds, Pugs size tends to outmatch their feeding habits. But the truth is Pugs don’t need a large quantity of food but proper quality food.

I spend about $20-$30 for a 25lb bag of natural artificial addictives.

One cup of food a day is enough for a Pug pup and only 1 ½ cups for a fully grown pooch.

My simple average calculation, I get 25 pounds of Pug food for 25 dollars which equates to around 100 cups. Which means I get 2 months and about a week for a $25 bag.

Also, Pugs just like other dogs love some treat so you should set aside around $5-$10 per bag.

Ultimately, Pug food is generally affordable with proper management.

How much are Pugs Vet expenses?

The veterinary cost will vary depending on the location. Vets in big cities tend to be pricey compared to small towns. When I got Buddha, I used to live in a small town hence to took her to a nearby vet who was quite cheap.

Pugs have a lifespan of 12-15 years and in this duration expect some health challenges like Encephalitis and canine hip dysplasia as the major issues.

Of course, you’ll face some other minor health issues like Legg-Perthes, keratoconjunctivitis sicca, stenotic nares, skin infection, and obesity.

Obesity and Skin infection are the two main health issues that are easy to prevent. Pugs tend to add weight easily which is not a good sign due to their plump-look.

A puppy Pug requires 2-3 vaccinations purposed for their Distemper and Parvo. Also, ensure they get their rabies treatments while at age 3-4 months. Here is an article I did on when to start your puppy vaccination.

On an average year here is what I spend on a Pug vet visit.

  • Annual health vets check- $55 a year
  • Vet visit $150 a year

I will recommend regular routine checkups to de-worm, vaccinate, and other general Pug care if you are planning to get a Pug.

However, sometimes you may end up spending more due to some serious ailments but the expense isn’t something to raise eye-brows.

Why are Pugs Expensive?

Pug appeared first in ancient China and quickly became popular especially to the royal families both in China and Europe hence known for the rich and famous.

This cute, small, and affectionate pooch are easy to carry around and are fun hanging around around with. Most Pug owners are super amused with the cute, flat-nosed, and comical look on this little breed face.

Of course, with these features, breeders tend to place a hefty price, especially for pure blood-line breeds.

Apart from their looks, Pug’s price is expensive due to their difficulties during breeding. They are prone to pregnancy complications which most owners end up having a Caesarean as opposed to the normal birth process.

The complication is a result of their narrow birth canals. Also, with a squishy face comes a squishy nose which causes severe breathing problems, a condition referred to as Brachycephalic obstructive airway syndrome (BOAS)

The bottom line,  expenses incurred in the C-section process, and the aftercare annual services are the reasons why breeders have the pricey tag, especially on Pug puppies.

Can a Pug Color Dictate Costs?

Yes, the color on a Pugs’ coat will influence how much it will cost. According to American Kennel Club, Pugs come in three colors- Silver, Apricot-Fawn, and black. However, Fawn and black the most common colors.

I love fawns and honestly, I think they are cute and adorable especially the black mask.  This is one reason why they are in high demand hence catapulting their price.

The Brindle Pugs are quite rare which makes them even more expensive. However, if you don’t want to wreck your bank account then go for the black puppies since their coat is the least favorite color.

Annual Expenses Incurred on Pugs

Generally, a Pugs maintenance cost is very affordable and it’s something you should research on before jumping into it.

First off, Pugs sheds their coats, thus saves you the grooming hassle, in fact trimming nails and baths is all that is left. Here are tips on how to bathe your pug properly.

On the contrary, Pugs requires high maintenance cost due to their vulnerability to health complications. Although, this will vary depending on your pooch bloodline and the health history.

To get a clear picture of how much it costs to own a Pug in a year, below is my experience with Buddha who was my first dog.

  • Buying cost- $1000
  • Food and treats –$400
  • Dog Insurance- $360
  • Health check- $55
  • Vest visit-$150
  • Flea treatment and tick collars- $200
  • Dog Harness– $30
  • Dog bed and toys- $75

A closer look at the total sum, my love for Buddha had me spent $2,270 in my first year. That seems a lot but in my second year, it was below $1000 considering she hadn’t encountered any serious ailments.

However, depending on the Pug breed, your initial expenditure might be super exorbitant than you would expect especially if the pug develops complications.

Wrapping Up

Pugs are among the most popular breed of dogs due to their adorable look, small size, and affectionate character. They have this squishy, wrinkled, and comical face which will get your attention on first sight.

However, they are considered to be quite expensive breed to buy and take care of but all these will vary depending on the various reasons discussed earlier in this article.

They have a history of overbreeding which makes them vulnerable to breathing and orthopaedic issues.

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