How to clean pug ears! Best Health Tips

The fact that your pug’s little pretty ears are folded downwards makes them prone to develop bacteria, moisture, and accumulate dirt. In this article, we will learn how to clean pug ears.

How to clean pug ears

To prevent ear infections as a result of the folds, the best remedy is to clean their ears once in a while.

Also, it’s important to note that the pretty unique wrinkles will need to be wiped out and cleaned. But this doesn’t require any special skills or assistance from a professional groomer.

For the last couple of years I had a trememdous expirience with my pug in regards to matter helth and today we are going to learn how to clean pug ears and keep your dog clean and healthy.

Without further ado let’s jump right into it.

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How to clean pug ears

What do I need?

To clean your pug’s ear easily I will recommend first you get the following:

  • A dry piece of cloth
  • Your pug’s favorite treats ­
  • Unscented lotion
  • Soft cloth (unscented baby wipes)

How to Check/ What to look For?

Your pugs’ little pretty ears shouldn’t lure you to assume they are always clean. Every now and then flip and peek inside your pugs’ ears to ensure they are clean and no infection detected.

Healthy ears are slightly pink. If you notice they are red then that means they are definitely infected.

An ear infection is the last issue you’ll need in your pug. They are itchy and hurts the dog. You will spot the pug scratching and rubbing the ears trying to ease the distress. The rubbing might be intense till the dog bleeds due to itchiness.

Apart from the dirt backlog, allergies, and ear wax, other conditions such as diabetes, ear mites, or hypothyroidism are the reasons your pugs’ ear might develop an infection.

To avoid all these, just flip over the pug’s ear and check for any brown or black waxy buildup inside the dog’s canal. The wax backlog will have an unpleasant smell. When such is detected, then it’s about time you clean your pug’s ears.   

How to Clean

To regularly clean your pug’s ear, the following steps will come in handy.

  1. First, I will recommend you place the pug on a table or somewhere he cannot dash off and where you’ll comfortably access the ears. Using one hand, lift the ear and hold-open it then use the other hand to squeeze a couple of drops of cleaning solution on a small cotton ball. (For excess waxy ears, squeeze few drops inside the pug’s ear canal directly)
  2. Then with your thumb and forefinger placed on the base of each side of the ear, gently massage where the ear and head join for about 15 seconds. A squashing sound is heard when compressing the ear signifying the breaking up of the buildup wax.
  3. Still holding the ear open, insert the wet clean cotton ball inside the pug’s ear and wipe all the accessible edges around the outer ear. At this point, your pug might shake his head so I recommend wiping off the debris inside the ear with a clean towel to avoid him messing you up.
  4. Wrap a cotton pad around your index finger then rotate it gently inside the ear couple of times then remove the finger. You’ll see a nasty shade of dark brown if the ear was really dirty.
  5. Repeat the fourth step using new clean cotton another two or three times, until there are no more spots of dirt on the cotton.
  6. Reward your pug with his favorite treat for his patience
  7. Repeat the same process on the other ear.

Inspect ears to prevent Infections

Pug’s cute little ears are folded most of the time which makes their ears a great hideout of dirt and pretty much other things that can fit inside the ears. When ignored for long, your pug will develop ear infections

Ear infections will be very itchy and hurt a lot so your pug will end up scratching the ears so hard that he bleeds eventually.

Other conditions such as overactive adrenal glands, diabetes, ear mites, and hypothyroidism will lead to pugs developing ear infections.

To save your pretty furry friend from all these troubles just take one minute and flip over his ears and inspect if there’s any dirt accumulating or anything unusual. Healthy ears are slightly pink and red signifies ear infection.

Another way to check if your pug ears are clean is using your nose. When there’s wax accrual inside the ear canal, it turns brown or black.

This buildup wax will emanate a nasty smell and this signifies it’s about time you dig into those ears and clean them up.

Tip: Ensure to check your Pug’s ears on a daily basis. The daily routine will ensure your pug doesn’t develop any ear infections and are always pink. If an ear infection persists then I will recommend checking with your vet.  

Unkept pug ear will develop ear mites that are super insane when they wreak havoc. They cause constant ear irritation. Your vet should prescribe the best cleaner to combat the mites.

Regular ear check-ups

To be on the safe side, it’s always best you check with your veterinarian so that you can get the best and safe cleaning solution for your pug.

Some of the cleaning solutions you’ll find in the nearby pet store normally have alcohol that will dry out and aggravate the ear itchiness.

When you are equipped with the best ear cleaning product, ensure you regularly check the pug ears and that they remain clean always.

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In a NutShell

Pugs are so hard not to love. Their squishy wrinkled face is so cute and might give you this innocent impression that you might forget they just need just as much attention to detail as far as cleaning is concerned.

In this article, I have shared a step-by-step guide on how you should clean your pug and ensure their ears are always warm to the touch.

I hope you find the information helpful and I wish you happy moments with your pug.

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