6 Early Pug pregnancy symptoms

If your pooch is healthy and happy but at the same time starts to lazy around or lose appetite then you might be looking at some pug pregnancy symptoms.  Get ready for puppies soon.Pug pregnancy symptoms

However, it’s not easy to know if your Pug is pregnant especially in the early stages. Whether you intentionally inseminated her or it wasn’t intended, if you are not keen, you’ll miss out on her pregnancy signs.

Today you’ll learn how to differentiate between when your Pug is ill and spotting pregnancy signs and symptoms, especially in her early stage.

So, without further ado let’s jump right into it but first here are 6 signs to look for.

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6 Early Pug pregnancy symptoms

1.Reduce Activities

Pregnant Pugs tend to get tired easily and would instead spend most of their time sleeping or cuddling next to you. If your Pug is naturally super jumpy this decrease in activity should raise eyebrows. However, if she’s not skittish and loves napping for the most part of the day then you might find it hard to spot the drop in energy.

Owners of such pugs should observe their dogs keenly to note how fast they wear out during exercise or outdoor walks.

2.Unusual Trait

A pregnant pug will gradually start to display some unusual behavior. If your Pug is expectant, she may demand her personal space and comfort now more than before. She’ll tend to self-isolate from everyone and expect less interruption.

The dog will appear depressed or annoyed when you try to enter into her space or give her attention for that matter.  Also, she may be taking a nap next to you most of the time.

3.Change in Appetite

Your pug’s appetite will vary depending on the level of pregnancy she at. Normally, during her early and mid-stages, their appetite will deteriorate causing them to eat less and sometimes throw up.

Other pugs will act differently and instead eat more than the normal portion. They’ll tend to get dissatisfied with what you are used to feeding them and demand more.

Literally, your pug is adjusting to her current hormone state thus the change in appetite.

4.Puffy or Discolored Nipples

A female pug will have small typical nipples until she’s expectant then you’ll notice her nipples will get larger just from the early levels.

You’ll spot her areolas gets a finer circular look as opposed to the normal flat appearance. The nipples will get a little dark red which shows there is a blood flow surge. Eventually, the nipples will sometimes leak milk, but this will happen later on into the prenatal period.

5.Nesting Traits

When your Pug is in her last stage of the pregnancy, a couple of weeks before conceiving, she may start tearing beddings and assembling other necessary materials to put up a nest.

Pug gestation period runs for 56-70 days which is quite shorter compared to humans. Also, she may develop some short-tempered and withdrawal traits during this period so I would recommend minimal contact, especially with kids.

6.Weight Gain and Enlarged Abdomen

A clearer sign of your pug pregnancy is noticing her abdomen expand in size. This happens as the puppies grow. But this sign is bound to be spotted in her late stages of the pregnancy inclusive of other signs.

At this level, you’ll have to liaise with your vet for proper guidance.

Pug Pregnancy Stages

1st Month

It’s quite difficult to tell if your little furry friend is pregnant in the first month. In fact, most of the pug owners won’t know their pug is expectant unless they get it from their vet with the help of an ultrasound.

When your pug clocks on day 7 of the prenatal period the puppy embryos get to the uterine ends. The embryos attached themselves to the pug’s uterus lining within the first 14-16 days of pregnancy.

The fetuses will start to form by day 22 of the gestation period and on the 29th, an ultrasound scan is able to detect some heartbeats.

At around 3 weeks of pregnancy, you should start to notice some of these signs:

  • Change of behavior where your pug tends to cuddle and search for comfort.
  • Her nipple will get bigger than before.
  • You may notice clear discharge on day 4 of the gestation.
  • She may develop some dog morning sickness
  • Increase in appetite after she has reduced eating in her early pregnancy stages.
  • She will become slower and tend to be less jumpy.

2nd Month

It is within this duration when the pregnancy will start to take shape. Within days 32 and 35, the eyelids and toes will develop on the fetuses.

Growth will accelerate at this level in that the fetuses will develop claws by day 40, the skeleton, and coat by day 45.

I always recommend an X-ray on day 50 of the pregnancy to check the number of puppies your pug is expecting. This will help you to plan ahead by getting enough nesting space and get everything you need ready as early as possible.

On day 58, you’ll notice your furry friend will start preparing for her nest. Get her somewhere safe and comfortable where she’ll give birth.

At this level expects the following pregnancy signs.

  • She’ll need to urinate more often
  • Increase in her appetite and eat more than before
  • By day 45, expect her appetite will reduce again.
  • She will gain weight but you’ll tell it’s not obese.
  • Expect some clear vaginal discharge
  • Between day 45 and 50, the pug’s belly will get firmer
  • Signs of belly movement may start to show on the 50th day of pregnancy.

3rd Month

Things will get interesting at this level. Pug owners will have full proof that their little furry friends are really pregnant. Also, it’s at this level the pug will give birth.

pug puppies

By day 58, the puppies will commence getting into place as they will be formed close to full size. The puppies will be relocated to the birth canal in the last couple of days of the gestation period.

During this period, you should expect the following signs on your pug.

  • The pug’s waist will get slimmer as the puppies move into the birth canal
  • Your pug will reduce eating between day 61 and 62 of the pregnancy.
  • She’ll become restless and disturbed
  • Her nesting trait might increase where she’ll start panting, digging, or shivering.
  • Expect her temperature to fall in her last 2 days before giving birth

Here is  a video showing a pregnant pug  giving birth

Tips to Prepare for Your Pug Pregnancy

If your pug is expectant, there is a ton of stuff you could do in ensuring a safe and comfortable moment until she delivers. Such things include:

  • Avoid getting her over-excited since she’s prone to getting tired and weak. She may also have some breathing difficulties.
  • By preparing her nest you’ll be helping your pug with her nesting process. Get her a comfortable spot as early as possible where she’ll feel safe and secure giving birth.
  • Add puppy kibble in her meals after a month. This diet is smaller and super nutritious meant for growing puppies.

Signs of Pug Labour

This is the most crucial part of the whole gestation period. You should pay closer attention to your pug more than before. Expect to see some of the following FIRST signs on your pug:

  • She may stop eating 24 hours before going into labor. Avoid forcing her to eat as she’ll end up throwing up.
  • Your pug will become super restless.
  • She may throw up or discharge mucus
  • You’ll notice she licks her vulva.
  • Using a dog rectal thermometer, you’ll notice a drop in rectal temperature below 100 degrees.

In her SECOND stage of labor expect to see the following:

  • Grumbling and moaning
  • Heavy panting
  • Watery discharge
  • Straining

After Delivery

After your pug has successfully delivered, she’ll start to clean her puppies. By doing so, she’ll help stimulate blood circulation on the pups. Then the dam will push out the placenta once the last pup is out wrapping up the delivery process.

You need to ensure the puppies are close enough to their mother’s nipple to nurse. Some pugs will get disinterest and aggressive towards puppies. If this is the case then you have to get a dropper to feed them puppy milk replacer.

I recommend continuing to pay close attention to your pug for any fever, bleeding, or sickness signs. Should you spot anything strange with your pug then take her to your vet asap.

Wrapping Up

This article has thrived to share the most prominent pug pregnancy signs and the labor process to expect.

Detecting a pug pregnancy in her early stage is very important. It will help you to prepare her for a safe and comfortable birth process which is literally what they need.

I hope this article was helpful and good luck in taking care of your pregnant pug.

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