What Are Pugs Bred For?

So, what are pugs bred for? Pugs are known for their cheerful, loving nature that proves them the best companion dog for your family.

Have you ever wondered what the history of this dog breed is? Pug’s history was found around 2000 years ago when they are bred for the ideal companion pet.What Are Pugs Bred For

Pugs are considered ideal lap dogs starting from the royal courts of ancient China to your apartment today. Let discuss some of the important things in pug’s fascinating history.

What Are Pugs Bred For? 

If someone asks you about what is the actual purpose of this dog breed what you say? You might scratch your head and answer that they are bred for cuddling on the couch and playing with kids.

But you must want to know the actual purpose of what they are bred down. Let see some of the important purposes they are bred for:

1. Royal Companions

Pugs start it a journey for Royal Chinese Emperor as a luxurious companion dog. The Royal Emperor looking for a dog that is a perfect match as a companion and they can lap this dog for long hours they spend at court. 

For this purpose, the dog breeders choose the 3 flat face dog breed named the Shih Tzu, the Pug, and The Pekingese to please the King. Due to the affinity of cuddling and all-day sleep on the couch this breed becomes a preferred choice of emperor. 

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2. Gifts for Foreign Rulers

Pugs are treated as sacred dogs that are down by only the royal family and court persons. You could never sell them at that time rather gifting them to those who were deserving. Like you can use it as a gift to foreign country rulers or give any person as a prize of their Nobel work. It is not available to anybody.

In Ancient China they are highly respected for their “W” shaped forehead figure. Even it’s just because of an eyebrow and wrinkled face but still this “W” matches with the Chinese Letters for “Prince”. Other than this fact the Pugs might not get that popularity in Loyal Family as believed by the people at that age.

3. Pugs as Watch Dogs

After saving the life of the Prince of Orange by alerting them to the assassin’s approach, this breed is also known as the best watchdog for Royal Family. William of Orange takes this breed to England when he travels to claim the English Throne.

Queen Victoria was obsessed with Pugs and this breed became popular companions and watchdogs with the general population. After that, this breed was available to the general public for adoption. But, do pugs bark a lot?

How Are Pug Used Today?

Today, Pugs don’t have that much Royal status and available to the general public. So they Lost their noble status but still available for best companions to most of the families. The pugs are still found in some royal families as a pet for playing and companionship.

1. Best Companion

Pugs are still used as companion dogs to date as they did during Royal Chinese time. Most of the families adopt them for their kids as these dogs like to play, cuddle, and sleeping with them.

They don’t bark much, they like zooming activities that kids like most.  The Pugs are playing the same role as they had done in incent Chinese time like cuddling and sleeping in the lap.

They have even featured in some of the Hollywood movies. Also, artists use them to create portraits and other artistic things while they are making just like in emperor history. Have a look at some of the important factors that people considered while adopting this dog.

2. Luxurious Lap Dogs

People still use them while they are making their portraits as they are easy to lap. They are also found in some movies as used as lapdogs since pugs easy to train? 

The history of this dog breed proved it as the best lap dog that you can carry anywhere and lap them for long hours without much tiredness.

3. Low Maintenance Dogs

Pugs are known as low maintenance dogs when you compare them with other dog breeds. They are easy to train. They don’t need an expensive collar or anti-barking devices. They are small in size so they can easily sleep in your lap. They don’t need more food and they don’t need any exercise equipment. Even you can save a lot on their maintenance.

3. Guard Dog

They are not commonly known as guard dogs since they can alert you to strangers and intruders. They act as a guard dog but don’t do that perfect job as other dog breeds do. They can protect your kids from other pets or any danger. They can alert you when someone rings your doorbell.

Pug Dog History

Pugs are first appearing in 400 BC in China where they are bred for the Royal family’s companionship. Who loves flat faces and small dogs? This breed didn’t keep by royal for a long time and this breed spread across and then all over the world.

After saving the Prince of Orange by alerting them for the assassin’s approach, this breed became the hallmark of the Royal Dutch Family. In 1688, for claiming the English Throne this breed traveled with William of Orange and became popular in England and then in all Europe.

This Breed is also attached to some of the historical figures including William Hogarth (Famous English Painter) Queen Victoria and Napoleon Bonaparte. European Loyal family can’t keep them more and this breed travel to the new world in the 19th century. In 1885 the Kennel Club of America recognized this breed and after that in 1931, the American Pug Dog Club founded.


Either it’s the time of Ancient Chinese Royalty or it’s your modern apartment, pugs have proved to be the best companion dog.

They are charming, lovely, and likable by most of the families due to their small size, Lapdog, zooming, and cuddly nature. If you a looking for the best companion and lap dog just adopt a pug and have fun! 


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