What do Pugs Look Like? With Pictures

What do Pugs Look Like?

Pugs have a small, square, compact body, and a round flat, fanny squishy face with deep wrinkles surrounding the big, dark eyes. You’ll definitely get fascinated by their look at first sight.

What do Pugs Look Like
Round Squishy face with Big, Dark Eyes

They measure between 25cm-28cm in height and weigh between 14 pounds and 20 pounds (male and female) and not more than that, which makes them ideal lap dogs.

These adorable little buddies have strong, straight, medium legs with small feet and well-split toes.

What do Pugs Look Like
Strong, medium legs

Pugs have moles on their cheeks commonly known as beauty spots and a black mask which has a defined thumb mark located on the forehead.

The fawn Pugs have a trace that runs on the back from the neck or right below it, down to the tightly curled tail. Their ears are smooth, black, and downy.

A closer look at the lower jaw, the bottom teeth extend slightly past the upper teeth.

What colors do pugs come in?

Just like other dog breeds, Pugs can be found in numerous colors. However, according to the AKC (American Kennel Club), there are only two standard coat colors that Pugs can be categorized in, that’s Fawn and black.

Fawn Pugs
Fawn Pug


Black Pug

The most common coat color is fawn and ranges in numerous variations from silver fawn to Apricot

Among other colors are Blue, white, chocolate including patterns like the Brindle, Merle, and Pied.

Here is an in-depth look at what colors do Pugs come in?

Pugs are short, smooth, and double-coated breeds. Despite their size and coat type, these little buddies can really shed especially in summer.

So, regular brushing and bathing will come in handy to help regulate shedding and keep the coat in great condition.

Sidenote: Pugs’ facial wrinkles requires special attention since the folds are prone to infection if they are not regularly cleaned.

You can use dry cotton or commercial baby wipes to clean the folds of the wrinkles. Here is a detailed article on how to bathe your Pug.

Pugs have bulging black eyes which brings out a comical look. However, the protruding eyes are susceptible to injury and irritation from shampoos and chemicals.

How Pugs’ looks have changed over the years


The word ‘Pug’ is believed to trace its history from a Latin word ‘fist’ due to their face which looks like a human fist.

However, History has it that China is the origin of the first Pug breed. It is believed they may be related to the Tibetan Mastiff.

Due to their affectionate character, they were breed to offer companion for the ruling families.

What do Pugs Look Like

Pugs were valued by the Chinese Emperors hence regarded as royal pooch and sometimes guarded by soldiers.

As a result of China trading with Europe back in the 1500s and early 1600s, the first Pug was introduced in Europe by a Dutch trader. The trader called the breed Mophond, a name used to date.  

A tale is told that Chinese Pug breeders placed prices on the wrinkles since they were signs of good luck. Wrinkles that appeared to form the letters for the word ‘prince’ in Chinese got the most attention hence highly prized. 

Historians penned down that black Pugs trace their way back in the 1700s popularized by William Hogarth, who was a famous artist and Pug fanatic. He painted a black Pug among many other great portraits.

Later on, Pugs were introduced in America after the Civil War and the American Kennel Club recognized it in 1885.


Pugs are nice, little dogs with a charming character ideal for a companion. They are super friendly to people (unless provoked) so they cannot be great for hunting.

Essentially, these little buddies love affection, and yes, they enjoy being on your lap and get unhappy if not given attention when they seek it.

Pugs are the kind of pooch that will sit on your lap as you watch a movie or take a nap next to you as you relax in the guest room.

Also, they can be calm and passive or vibrant and jittery depending on the owner’s mood.

Just like other dogs. Pugs need socialization at an early age. You need to expose them to different people, places, sounds, and various scenarios as they grow up. This will ensure your dog grows up with a well-rounded character and will get along well with adults, children, and other animals.

What do Pugs Look Like

I would recommend you enroll him in a puppy kindergarten class as a first socializing step. Then with time invite friends and neighbors over often to play around with him. You can do regular walks down the busy parks or stores to get him fully acclimated to such environments.

They are barely aggressive and nice having around families with children.

The bottom line, I would say Pugs owners need to give them enough attention and you’ll enjoy having them around. They are not ideal for people who spend a lot of time away from home.


Generally, Pugs are healthy dogs, however just like other breeds they likely to develop some health complications. It’s important to note, not all Pugs are prone to these health conditions, but I suggest you know them if you want to get this pooch.

The fact that Pugs lack longer snouts and protruding skeletal brow ridges makes them vulnerable to eyes snag like proptosis, painful entropion, and itchy corneas.

What do Pugs Look Like?
lack longer snouts

Also, their breathing passageways are compressed causing breathing difficulties to most of the pugs.

They have a body temperature ranging between 38°C and 39°C.  Should these temperatures clock 42°C then they need excess oxygen and cooling as well.

Body temperature rising to 42°C will only result in organ failure. Pugs breathing difficulties as a result of temperature may be caused by strains of traveling in air cargo.

If given the chance, these little buddies can seriously feed leading to obesity. Although this can be manned by regularly walking them and a healthy diet.

The average life span of Pugs is 11 years.   


How you feed your Pug will definitely depend on his size, age metabolism, and exercise activities. They love food as much as they love attention.

Pugs just like other dogs will have different feeding habits but given the chance, they can eat their way to obesity.

What do Pugs Look Like?
Obese Pugs

That being said, I always recommend ½ to 1 cup of quality dry food a day for your puppy and 1 to 1 1/2 for an adult Pug, split into two meals.

As a Pug owner, get him the right quality food portions and ensure he does regular exercise.

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Wrapping Up

A Pug is mostly described as a small, sturdy, compact dog with a squishy, comical look. They trace their origin back in ancient China and were bred to be a lap dog, and the trend still to date.

They can be stubborn but jumpy and affectionate at the same time if you build a good rapport.

The bottom line, this is a great breed if you are looking for a loving, affectionate lap dog.

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