Why do pugs get zoomies?

Well, the term zoomies existed way before you started attending zoom meetings. Scientifically referred to as Frenetic Random Activity Periods (FRAPs), zoomies are the random episodes of explosion energy due to build-up energy in dogs.Why do pugs get zoomies

So, why do pugs get zoomies? There are tons of reasons behind the hyperactivity behavior but the common ones are your pug is excited, it’s playtime, or has developed anxiety.

The trait is nothing to worry about especially when your pug is still a puppy although you’ll still catch up with some pugs experiencing zoomies in their senior age.

This behavior will come out differently depending on the pug. You’ll spot them running in circles, jumping over furniture, and dodging through chairs legs, or tables then finally collapses while happy once done with the run.

But are pugs really hyper? There’s only one way to find it out here.

In this article, I will be sharing my experience on zoomies and some tips on managing your pug when zoomies explode.

So, let’s get busy already.

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Why do pugs get zoomies?

Pugs are calm and less playful dogs that you’ll catch laying around couches or dog’s beds most of the time. But just like other dogs, pugs are not exempted from getting zoomies.

The trait is regarded as normal and should raise no alarm. Zoomies are among the most entertaining and enjoyable traits picked from dogs that simply help them burn energy and relieve stress/anxiety. But then again don’t let it get out of control.

What Are Zoomies?

In simple terms, it’s pugs’ best expression of excitement and being happy. Normally, zoomies occur when there is an excess buildup of energy that the pug holds on to, which is randomly expressed in one massive burst.

It’s a common trait picked mostly on puppies and young pugs; however, older pugs are not totally exempted as zoomies can strike dogs across all ages.

The pug will run in circles, jump and sprint around the house, or at times bark and start playing with a toy vigorously which will defiantly leave you in laughter.

For most pugs, these random energetic episodes will only last for several minutes before they elapse.

Signs of Zoomies

If you are not sure if your pug is experiencing zoomies then the following are some of the hyperactivity traits to watch out for.

  • Pug usually has excited eyes.
  • Randomly start jumping over from standing still
  • Sprint in tight turns and make sharp eight-shape moves
  • Crouched sprint in a manner he’s about to launch an attack

My Pug is Hyperactive: Should I be Worried?

The fact that zoomies only run for a few minutes should not really be a major concern. There is literally nothing wrong and it’s considered a normal dog behavior.

Just make sure the place is safe. Avoid walking or playing with your pug near busy roads or paths with some dangerous object when not on a dog leash.

In some scenarios, dogs will be spotted chasing their tails which are perceived as having zoomies but those are signs of obsessive-compulsiveness.

So, literally, anything that gets your pug excited; could be toys, a bath, a person will burst the accumulated energy which makes the dog run and jump up and down like it’s mad.

What Causes the Zoomies?

Zoomies are a common trait in young puppies and active dogs though it pretty trickles down to a dog’s personality. Some dogs are super enthusiastic while others are quiet and that’s where most pugs fall in.

But still, most pugs will get their fair share of zoomies and to some, it will leak up to their golden years.

Why is this so? Well, a couple of reasons is behind it.

  • Excitement – Just because pugs are brachycephalic most owners assume they don’t play a lot or have less activity. When your pug puppy notices people or other pets playing or anything that hypes them, zoomies will be triggered.
  • Anxiety- If anytime you walk back home from work and realize your pug immediately gets super hyped, chances are it’s zoomies. Pugs love hanging around owners and whenever separated for long anxiety crawls in. So, when they see you back, they get relieved.
  • Bath-Baths are another key reason behind pug zoomies. Well, it doesn’t happen during bath time but after. It’s an easy way to express excitement after the uncomfortable bath process. Baths mostly restrain the pug which is a stressful process for some dogs until it’s over. So, when you are done with the bath zoomies tend to follow as a sign of freedom at last.
  • Playtime- Some pugs will get hyped when around toys or you start playing with them.

Tips to Manage Zoomies

Regular Exercise

An easy way to consume that excess energy from your pug is through regular exercise. Make it a daily routine and target for exercises that run between 20 to 30 minutes.

I normally take my pug Buddha out at least twice a day. So, I ensure each session goes for 10-15 minutes, and each time we are back home she just nuzzle next to me and relax.

However, if your schedule is tight and spends most of your time away from home then I’ll recommend getting your pug some play toys to get him always engaged. Here is a list of the best pug toys.


Keeping your pug engaged is important for their health. Socializing not only helps mental health but physical stimulation. This gets rid of every excess energy. Also, allow the pug to play with other dogs in the park or around your home.

Pick a Habit

Adapting to a specific routine will help him pick a specific behavior. Habits help to fight stress and get rid of anxiety which ensures the dog behaves always in a specific way.

Get rid of Anxiety

Another better way to deal with Hyperactivity in your pug is dealing with the reason behind the problem which is anxiety. Find the best solution that suits the separation problem.


If you caught your pug having zoomies, just relax there’s nothing to worry about. They are natural pooch traits.

In this article, I have shared some remedies that have worked very well on my pug Buddh and I’m sure they’ll work just fine with any pug owner.

So, good luck and enjoy the zoomies moment.

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