Why do pugs scream? How to stop it

The first time I heard my pug Budhaa scream got me worried at the time it was funny. I was confused, was she in pain, sick, or perhaps possessed. A series of answers ran into my mind, tackling the question, why do pug scream? Why do pugs scream

After a comprehensive search, I realized Pug screaming is a normal way of communicating certain feelings. Pugs can be excited, scared, mad, anxious, or just want attention.

If you are a dog lover, then you know pugs are not the only dog that screams. It’s a typical trait observed in most dog breeds.

In this article, we are going to learn why do pugs scream and the best remedies to take. Check out the Best bagless vacuum cleaner for pet hair

Without further ado, let’s jump right into it.

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Why do pugs scream

There are several misconceptions that allude to pugs screaming. However, you should know that dogs do differ and have personal traits that stand out. That being said, the screaming trait is not common to all pugs.

A pugs’ scream can have thousands of reasons behind it. A common reason why your pug is whining simply implies she needs a favor from you.

Whenever I hear my pug Budhaa screaming I know she needs her favorite treats, her play toys are stuck somewhere she can’t get them back or she needs to go outside.

The moment I sort the problem, the whining almost immediately stops.

Tip: Don’t always reward screaming with a treat since it can get out of hand eventually. After you’ve identified the reason behind the scream, it’s time to stop the rewards as well.

Later in this article, we’ll learn some of the most basic reasons behind the pugs screaming and the remedies.

The screaming does not necessarily mean your pug is in danger. In fact, 99% of the time it not a major concern. Pug scream might be a sign he is just excited to play with you or enjoying the walk.

However, most pug owners will get worried whenever their dogs start screaming and sound like humans.

To get ahead of the pug scream, it’s best if you learn the pug’s behavioral change on a daily basis. Know what’s normal and what’s not.

If your pug tends to be quiet and randomly starts to scream then chances, she’s under some pain or stress.

7 Common Reasons Why Pugs Scream

Now that you know it’s quite normal for your pug to scream, let’s discuss some of the common reasons that trigger the whining.

  • Pug is Bored: If you are a pug lover then you know they are best at seeking attention. These furry friends don’t enjoy being left behind alone. As a result, they’ll scream for attention immediately when boredom crawls in.
  • Whining at the TV: It’s quite common for pugs to scream at your television. The moving images on a TV excite them and confuse them at the same time. It’s a mystery to them since they can see and hear the television but can hardly smell anything. However, some pugs enjoy watching TV.
  • Screams while Sleeping: It’s quite bizarre but dogs do have dreams like we humans. And yes, some of those dreams are horrible and scary. So don’t be surprised when your pug randomly screams in the middle of his sleep. Chances have he just remembered a horrific event.
  • Happy with something: Pug’s screaming mostly shows excitement. If you’ve been away for a whole day then just walked back home or poured some of his favorite treats on his favorite bowl. In extremely exciting situations, expect your pug to scream, yell, or bark to enjoy the moment.
  • They Get Frightened: On the contrary, pugs will scream when they are scared or feel their life threatened. Sometimes the reasons are unknown but more often it’s as a result of a new environment. Situations like driving your pug along with you in a car for the first time will result in the pug reacting.
  • Needs Your Attention: Pugs love attention. When this favor isn’t met then expect some trouble. They enjoy cuddling and you’ll spot them taking naps beside you. When separated for long, pugs will develop separation anxiety, especially when left alone frequently.
  • Fighting Pain: Just like humans, pugs will let out some sound indicating they are in discomfort. This is a concern especially if your pug doesn’t scream, it shows the dog is in pain.
  • Trimming Nails: If you are a new pug owner, don’t get surprised when he screams when you trim his nails. Some pug will freak you out by how they’ll react to this situation. They relate the moment with death for lack of a better word.

Tips to Stop Pug’s from Screaming

How you stop a pug from screaming pretty much depends on what’s causing the whining. Your pug in most cases is trying to communicate something to you that he’s uncomfortable with.  Once you identified why the pug is screaming then it’s time to fix the problem.

  • If the Pug has a separation problem, then the immediate remedy is to start long-term engagement training to get rid of the discomfort. Just teach your pug to entertain himself when left alone. Here are some toys to get him engaged when you are away.
  • A pug that gets excited especially during feeding time will tend to stop screaming when given his favorite scrumptious meal. When you’ve just come back home and the pug sees you and gets excited, a simple cuddle will help calm him down.
  • Ill or pug in pain will most likely tend to scream. In this situation, the best remedy is visiting your vet. Knowing when the pug is in pain pretty much requires you to socialize with your pug right from a young stage growing up to learn his behavior. A sick pug tends to change their appetite, behavior, sleeping routine, have a fever, visibility problems, or exhaustion.
  • Fear will trigger a pug to scream. Find out what’s scaring him and introduce it more frequently to allow him to get used to it. Pugs that freak out when on moving cars should often go for rides.
  • For the attention seekers, avoid pampering the pug with more attention when they scream. It will work for now but eventually will become a trend. ‘He screams to get attention’ Instead, just give the pug a time-out. A playpen will come in handy at this point. Drop the pug there and curry on with what you are doing.
  • A pug that screams while sleeping should be provided with a super calm and cozy environment. Get the pug a comfy dog bed and play some soothing nice music. This music always relaxes my pug Budhaa. Turning on the lights at night also help them stay calm and beat the fear.

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Wrapping Up

The reason why pug scream simply trickles down to their personality and their daily activities. The same way humans communicate in different sounds, dogs opt to scream, whimper, or growl to pass a specific message.

Learning your dog’s behavior right from when he’s small will help you understand what he means when screaming and whimpering.

In this article, I have discussed some of the main reasons why pugs scream and the best simple remedies to curb the situation. I hope you find the tips useful and happy moments with your furry friend.


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